.50 Beowulf magazine reclassification

The .50 Beowulf magazines may now potentially be prohibited devices.

Today I came across this submission on GOC.ca where user Marshall, from Aztech Armory, inquired about their status. According to a manager at the CFP, the magazines were adapted from the 5.56 NATO magazines and retain their ability to fit 5.56 or .223 calibre ammunition they are in effect dual calibre magazines and, because they accept more than 5 cartridges of said ammunition, they are prohibited devices. All of them.

¬†Since the 50 Beowulf calibre magazines are adapted from the original 5.56×45 mm NATO design and the ability of the magazine to perform as originally designed has not been compromised by the adaptation, such magazines are prohibited if they contain more than five 5.56×45 mm NATO cartridges. The magazines are in effect dual calibre magazines and will be prohibited if they exceed five shots capacity of either calibre.

Magazines have recently been manufactured in, or imported into Canada bearing markings suggesting they are exclusively designed for 50 Beowulf ammunition, and at four or five shot capacity, are non-prohibited magazines. This is simply not the case. All magazines for 50 Beowulf calibre AR platform firearms presently on the Canadian market are prohibited devices.

Now before you get too worked up there are some key things to keep in mind here. Firstly, this is not a legal decision and at this point in time nobody is required to destroy or forfeit to police their .50 Beowulf magazines. This is merely an opinion of one person at the CFP and, as we all know, their opinions don’t always accurately reflect the truth. Secondly, firearms advocacy groups are already challenging this.

While this issue is being addressed, I highly recommend that you keep your .50 Beowulf mags at home. If you have LAR-15 magazines you should be okay.

  • This new guard at the RCMP is set to ban everything they can get. There is no such “dual use” language in law, yet they claimed the same thing with the E-Lander AIA mags. With a Liberal government in power, it seems like the only avenue left is for someone to get charged and challenge it in court.

    • I could have sworn I saw something to the effect of dual cartridge usage but you’re correct, that language just does not exist in the Firearms Act nor the applicable regulations. According to someone who commented on my article on Facebook one person has been charged with possession of a prohibited device for having a .50Beo magazine but I don’t know just how much truth there is to that claim.

      Thanks for commenting! Big fan.

      • Late reply is late, but that person charged was a friend of mine. The charges have since been dropped against him and his mags were returned to him. While handing them back the RCMP told him that they were still considered prohibited, but if they REALLY were prohibited, they never would have given them back.