8 reasons why Canada isn’t such a bad place to own guns

It’s no lie that Canada has some terribly unproductive and restrictive gun laws on the books, but here are some reasons why it’s not all so bad!

Okay, so Canada has some seriously crappy laws when it comes to gun control and it’s no secret that our friends to the south put us to shame in what we can and cannot own or do – AKs, suppressors, open and concealed carry… the list goes on. But here are some things that many Americans have to put up with that we don’t.

8) No import bans on Russian firearms

In July of 2014 the President of the United States, Barack Obama, issued Executive Order 13662 as a retaliation to the Russian aggression on the Ukranian territory known as Crimea – a conflict that is still ongoing to this day. This order imposed heavy sanctions on Russia, including the importation of firearms such the SKS, Mosin Nagant, and the venerable AK-47.

This isn’t even the first time that Russian firearms were banned – they were also subject to Clinton’s 10-year Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 1994 and Bush Sr’s ban on the importation of foreign-made, semiautomatic rifles that do not have a “sporting purpose”.While we can purchase SKSs and Mosin Nagants for around $200, they are frequently sold for around USD $500 south of the border. .

  • Bobd06

    There should be no restrictions on guns designed for the civilian market. AR’s and hand guns should not be restricted at all. I should be able to take my AR on a coyote hunt and have my Smith & Wesson M&P on my hip. There is no justification for not allowing that.

  • Vet for Trump

    I guess you haven’t looked at prices lately, I have.
    SKS are running $300 to $500 and $250+ for 91/30s.

    • In Canada? Not sure where you’re looking for them, but I regularly see SKSs at around $225 (up $30 from last year) and 91/30s at around $199. The only way you’ll end up paying more than $250 for an SKS is if you’re buying a more collection-worthy specimen (non-forced matching serials, non-refurb, birch stock) or if you’re getting gouged by a greedy seller. Cabela’s just finished selling off their online stock of SKSs for $199, too.

  • Edward Dongres

    Baloney. Before I escaped “eastern” Europe in 1968, being the “politically unreliable class” I couldn’t own any firearm or a HAM radio licence. I came to free Canada. The only requirements for handguns was registration – NOTHING else. No PAL or FAC for long guns. I bought my first .303 SMLE for $27.95 by phone call to Simpsons Sears. That was THEN. The restriction screw was slowly but surely driven in by Liberal and Red Tories ever since.
    Today back in Czech Republic (country of only half the homicide rate of Canada) I could buy a handgun of any barrel length or calibre, register it, put in my pocket and go home. Concealed Carry, YES, no problem. In fact Czech Interior Ministry is now proposing new law which would allow legal owners of firearm to shoot a terrorist.
    Did I say Czech Republic homicide rate is only 0.7 vs. Canada 1.4? You can find out by Google “World Homicide Rates Wikipedia. See all countries. Places where people go for vacation, like Jamaica, it’s 36.2 (!) But don’t expect CBC or CNN to tell you that.
    BTW, even under Communist dictatorship those who were verified as politically reliable went hunting, mostly walking or on bicycles with rifle/shotgun over shoulder with ammo in the pocket or small backpack. No lock or anything. Try that today in Canada. You’ll meet a SWAT team.
    The problem is that we give Liberals and Red Tories (most all tories) free pass. They want to save us. Take for example Toronto “conservative” Mayor John Tory (what an unfortunate name) calling for MORE gun restrictions! On top what we already have in this dictatorial democracy.
    Like the frog in cold water that was warmed up VERY gradually the writer of this article tell us “it’s so not so bad”. Australians were telling themself the same thing until all semis and pump gun were confiscated. In UK it were handguns. Of course they are just SUBJECTS, not real citizens. I was told Canada has no “Right to Bear Arms”. OK when exactly did that happen? I read lot about Canadian history. All citizens (except criminals) had once right to posses and carry arms.

    • Mark Miles

      Actually I think it was ” Men who owned property” that were given the right to bear arms in Canada. Back then the British didn’t want anyone they considered untrustworthy to own firearms.
      As for the article, the way it is now Canadians are better off than some countries but Trudeau and his liberals will change that soon sand we’ll end up like Australia. We need Blanney in the big seat, he believes Canadians have the right to bear arms.

      • Edward Dongres

        I know it was once considered insane to go to wilderness unarmed. In my opinion still is. Even men without property traveled throughout Canada armed. Wilderness now or 300 years ago is still the same. As Tim Treadwell and his girlfriend proved the bears still don’t understand English. God rest their souls. To say “we are better off than some countries” doesn’t mean much. In Saudi Arabia they chop off hands, we don’t. We have to look which countries are lot better off than we are. And sadly those countries include former Communist dictatorships. How did we got so far behind in mere half a century?

  • Garth Woodward

    we need more and more people to join the nfa because if that turd trudeau decide to take away our guns we need a voice to fight for us and the bigger the nfa is the stronger it is .I do believe in concealed carry and silencers I also believe its time the punishment fit the crime get rid of the bleading harts I think our guns laws are a little to strict but I can live with them at the moment the gun community has to get stronger for us to survive these liberals

  • Edward Dongres

    Everything starts with getting rid of state run media. In fact CBC is not even purely state run. It’s run by Liberal Party. I.e. we need to elect conservative government. Not the red Tory pretenders we had so far. Like the Republicans till the last year didn’t want to rock the boat too much in fear they may loose access to the trough. Finally they elected a man who is not afraid to shake the tree to see what falls off. So called “conservatives” like Rona Ambrose even said “there’s no room in Canada for anything Trump said” I.e. she wants business as usual.