8 reasons why Canada isn’t such a bad place to own guns

7) No import bans on Chinese firearms

Norinco, or China North Industries Corporation, is China’s state-owned defense manufacturing and distribution company. In Canada, Norinco firearms are considered to be budget buys for their cheap price and cheap build – some of which made our top 5 list of gun clones for budget-minded shooters – however while some of their products do exist in the US they have been subject to various bans.

In 1993,  most Chinese ammunition and firearms were barred from being imported after the US’s permanent normal trade relations were renewed. In 1994 they were also included in the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, and two years later they were accused of smuggling firearms into the United States that were destined to be in the hands of gang members nation-wide. In 2003 the Bush Administration imposed further sanctions against Norinco for allegedly selling missile-related goods to Iran; this ban prohibited all imports of Norinco products not already banned in 1993.