8 reasons why Canada isn’t such a bad place to own guns

4) No parts compliance laws

In the US there is a regulation, known as 922(r)  (short for 18 USC, Chapter 44 Section 922 Paragraph R) that, in conjunction with other laws such as 925(d)(3) and Title 27 Chapter 1 Section 178.39, prohibits semi-automatic rifles and shotguns if they contain more than 10 of 20 eligible imported parts. These parts include but are not limited to receivers, barrels, muzzle devices, bolts and bolt carriers, gas pistons, triggers, hammers, sears, butt stocks, grips, hand guards, and even magazine followers or floor plates.

Basically, if 10 or more of these eligible parts in your  firearm are imported from any other country then it is not 922(r) compliant and is therefor illegal.