8 reasons why Canada isn’t such a bad place to own guns

3) No requirement for “Bullet Button” or “Patriot Mag Release” devices

In 1989 California passed the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act, which was amended to be more restrictive in 1999, and then passed the .50 Caliber BMG Act in 2004. These acts, combined, virtually outlawed all “black” rifles by classifying them as “assault weapons”. In order to skirt this classification, several manufacturers and dealers devised ways to make semi-automatic, centre-fire rifles such as the AR15 not meet the requirements for the prohibition.

One such requirement was ability to have detachable magazines that could be removed without the use of a tool, which was successfully overcome by inventor and firearms dealer Darin Prince who developed the Bullet Button. This device made it impossible to release a magazine by depressing the mag release of an AR15 by hand, but allowed you to drop the magazine by inserting the tip of a bullet into the button. This was determined to be a legal loophole in a State court decision, however that loophole was closed by Senate Bill SB 880 in July of 2016 (and effective on January 1, 2017) that redefined rifles with these Bullet Buttons to be assault weapons in response to the San Bernardino shooting despite the fact that the perpetrators had illegally removed their Bullet Buttons before committing their attack.

SB 880 made it a requirement for rifles with detachable magazines to be physically disassembled before the magazine could be released. Prince, not to be outdone by the ridiculous State law amendment, invented the Patriot Mag Release device that allows a shooter to pull out the takedown pin of an AR15, press the magazine release, and then reassemble the rifle very quickly.

Additionally, in the next year and a half even more restrictive California gun laws (Proposition 68) will come into effect such as a 500 round ammunition limit, “high capacity” magazines will need to be destroyed (can’t even be pinned, including previously grandfathered mags), and ammunition can only be transported by licensed ammunition sellers.