AR15 petition currently most signed on official GoC website

ar15 petition
The petition, known as e-111, is currently the most signed on the official Government of Canada website. Have you signed it yet?

The petition, known officially as Petition E-111, currently has over 21,900 signatures – over 40% more than the second most signed petition (Petition E-48, calling for changes to the electoral system, has just over 21,300 signatures). E-111, which was started on January 8, 2016, seeks to call upon the Government of Canada to reclassify the AR15 and its variants from restricted to non-restricted firearms so that they can be used outside of ranges for sporting activities such as hunting. It will remain open for signatures until May 7, 2016 before the petition’s sponsor (Conservative MP Bob Zimmer) may present it in the House of Commons.

While there is no guarantee the petition will result in anything, it presents a better opportunity than third party petition sites such as that cannot be sponsored or presented by an MP in the House of Commons. I’m also not really one to sign a petition, but given the potential this one has it would be insane not to. So if you’ve not yet signed it yourself, please do and share it with your friends!

At the time of writing the signature breakdown is as follows:

Province/Territories Signatures
Alberta 5085
British Columbia 4591
Manitoba 820
New Brunswick 678
Newfoundland and Labrador 347
Northwest Territories 64
Nova Scotia 611
Nunavut 25
Ontario 6213
Prince Edward Island 82
Quebec 1957
Saskatchewan 1188
Yukon 72
Other Countries 174


  • John P Davis

    That’s reasonably good news. While I’m not expecting miracles, it doesn’t hurt to at the very least make an attempt for change. Although I’ve shared and signed a while ago, I’m happy to see such a response overall. Hopefully we can see some light at the end of this stupid tunnel.

    • John P Davis

      Side note, if suggest putting a link to the petition in your article for those who are just reading about it now 😉

      • Brian

        The link is in the article. I may need to change the colour of links so it stands out more.

        • John

          Ah ha. Seen. Didn’t see it last night. Now we can sit, watch and wait. Just like being in the infantry again lol. Fingers crossed.

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