ATRS Modern Varmint rifle issued FRT classification

The Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply’s Modern Varmint rifle has officially been classified as non-restricted… and it comes at one hell of premium.

I will never complain about seeing more semi-automatic “black rifles” being classified as non-restricted. My views on the demonization of so-called “assault rifles” is that it’s ridiculous. So when a new gun that fits that definition hits the market and it’s classified as non-res it gets me excited. But what doesn’t get me excited is the price. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect anything all that different – non-restricted black rifles tend to come at a premium, from the Tavor to the XCR, and to the Modern Varmint’s big brother, the Modern Hunter. And, of course, it coming from ATRS inherently meant that it was going to be expensive. Starting at $3,200 CAD before you add any goodies, the Modern Varmint reportedly only shoots well with match or hand load ammunition and requires “generous lubrication of the bolt assembly at all times” – so not only will it be a huge cost up-front but it will also be very expensive to feed, and require a lot of babysitting especially in the first 500 rounds. Personally, I can’t justify that cost but if you can I wouldn’t mind putting a few rounds down range with it…

The Modern Varmint is currently available for pre-order and is expected to be delivered during the summer of next year.