Bill S-231 to be re-tabled by Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette

Bill S-231 may be titled “Strengthening Canadians’ Security and Promoting Hunting and Recreational Shooting” but make no mistake – this bill is not in the best interest of Canadian law-abiding gun owners.

Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette today announced via Twitter that she intends to re-table the controversial bill that, while at cursory glance at its name, sounds beneficial to the firearms community but in reality seeks to further restrict the privileges of law-abiding firearms owners nation-wide. Titled “Strengthening Canadians’ Security and Promotion Hunting and Recreational Shooting” seeks to create a definition for “hunting firearms”, amend the definition of “prohibited firearms” and to replace “restricted firearms” with “circumscribed firearms”, defined as all previous restricted firearms and all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns so that they can only be used at an approved range:

Definition 1
A hunting firearm is defined as any firearm with a smoothbore or striated barrel that is more than 470 mm long, in other words a shotgun or rifle. Semi-automatic weapons are not included in the definition of hunting firearm, with the exception of 22 calibre rim-fire semi-automatic rifles.
Definition 2
A circumscribed firearm is any firearm, other than a prohibited firearm, that has a barrel equal to or less than 470 millimetres, such as handguns or firearms that are capable of discharging centre-fire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner.

The updated bill, which was originally introduced in June of 2015 but did not pass second reading in the Senate, also seeks to achieve the following:

  • overhaul the current firearms program by prohibiting all firearms in Canada except hunting firearms, firearms used at shooting clubs, and collectors’ firearms, which receive special treatment;
  • redefine two of the three existing classes of firearms by making only hunting firearms legal and localizing the prohibition of restricted firearms;
  • limit the transport of circumscribed firearms to transporters — which have no interest other than providing secure transportation — thus controlling the movement of firearms in Canada;
  • replace the registration certificate with an inscription certificate. You can appreciate that the terms “registration” and “registered” have been used so often that we simply thought that using the term “inscription” would eliminate some anxiety. I think that using the term inscription does not evoke feelings of fear;
  • strengthen the role of the RCMP with a statutory provision;
  • undo all the provisions of Bill C-42, except for the prohibition on obtaining a licence to possess and acquire firearms following a domestic violence conviction
  • prohibit licensed firearms owners from storing centre-fire semi-automatic firearms in their own homes

Senator Hervieux-Payette, whose mandatory retirement is in less than two weeks, calls this bill “bold and progressive”. It’s bold, alright, but it’s anything but progressive. She also claims that she is not against firearms, but her actions speak louder than words. This is her last-ditch effort to have her name put on something before she is no longer eligible to hold a seat in the Senate, but nonetheless we should let her know what our words and actions are.

Her contact information can be found here:

The full text of the bill can be read here:

Senatory Hervieux-Payette’s original announcement can be read here:

  • ted marson

    An election is in the future. Let us not forget. We have the power.

    • Brian

      An election would not solve this issue. Not only are senators appointed but she’s been in the senate since the mid-90s. The last time she tabled this bill it was during a conservative leadership.

      • Tyler Purvis

        She is out soon, forced to retire from Senate. This is her one last push to try and get this approved.

  • rick goffic

    All this says to me is that some politician is forcing a bill on the Canadian firearms owners for the sole reason of having her name recorded in the legislature for the simple recognition of weakening Canadians ability to defend themselves against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I have legally acquired my firearms, I will never relinquish them to any authority save selling them to another firearms owner. As the saying goes,” they can have them when they pry them from my cold dead hands”

    • Ang

      Good man!

  • richard vlasaty

    Another anal retentive politician who has been warming a seat for thirty years with nothing to show for it. Gun registration cost Canadians billions of dollars and did not work and this new bill will only burden law abiding citizens who now own guns. These idiot politicians are living in a dream world and have no concept of the legislation they are trying to force down our throats. They should continue to waste tax payer’s money like they always have by doing nothing and leaving a good thing alone. Senators like this are nothing but dinosaurs picking up a paycheck for having nothing between the ears.

  • radar

    They are not living in a dream world,they know exactly where they are trying to go with this,ans us my friend are the ones targeted.

  • Didn’t read it carefully but let me guess, she is a Liberal from Quebec. What a stupid idea: self-loading firearms are not hunting guns!!!

  • steve

    Your bill is so out to lunch, useless, anti gun and impossible to apply in Canada, You appear to no nothing of your subject and there are wayyy too many gun laws in Canada now. We sure as hell don’t need anymore, especially from someone as ignorant as you on the subject. Jus go away you IDIOT>

  • Frank

    If they do not know what they are talking about they should be quiet and not heard. Just trying to make a name for herself no matter the cost to the taxpayers. Time to clean out the senate and get back to reality. Senate has not done anything worth while for many years but take money for sleeping. Time to abolish it and use the money where it will do some good for a change.

  • Isaac

    As the saying goes, its not about gun control, its about CONTROL.

  • James G.T.Brown

    As a retired veteran of two Ontario police forces I have some knowledge of the Canadian Criminal Code as to the use and misuse of firearms. As has been stated may times before
    further restrictions will have little to stop criminal types who use all weapons to seek to break the law.
    The last man I charged with carrying an unregistered firearm received a mere 60 days.
    He told me later that he just went out and purchased a better more powerful handgun.
    Criminals don’t give a damn about breaking laws, now give them say 10 years for say
    possession for a criminal purpose then you would get some attention.

  • Frank

    Its all so easy when you hidden behind a barrage of armed guard.

  • Marvin Dyck

    I sent this to Celine Hervieux-Payette
    Bill S-231 will not enhance safety, it will only create more red tape and encumbrance on us law abiding
    Canadians who chose one of many legal sports, one that has in fact a better safety record than many others that have no
    laws protecting the innocent.

    I served 37 years in The Canadian Armed Forces (Army), six of those on the National and International marksmanship team,
    hundreds of days on rifle ranges, millions of bullets fired, without an incident, winning considerable credit for Canada at civilian and military

    I have no police record, no domestic violence, married for 47 years, never unemployed and have a CDS Commendation for saving another soldiers life.

    I have owned and used personal firearms for 58 years without any safety incident or infraction.

    Bill S-231 and many other firearms laws treat me like a dangerous citizen not entitled to normal Charter Rights. Why did I serve my country and
    defend those Charter Rights for everyone else?

  • Jackie Treehorn

    The Liberal party is full of people like this woman. Their arrogance is astounding.

    • Brian

      To be clear, CHP is not a member of the Liberal party or the Liberal caucus. All “liberals” in the Senate are independents now after PM Trudeau removed them from the caucus when he was elected.

  • alan spinney

    too bad the elections are not held april 1st as it would really be fools day,we gun owners are looking down the barrel again because of a few anti gun people,if in any good comes of this is will show how hard educated but not real people shove things down our throat until finaly we puke all over them.

  • Keith Bacon

    Is there no end to this stupidity from Collectivist politicians? Leave law abiding gun owners alone……..

  • Steve

    This silly bill be never get past second reading….just a silly gesture against Gun Owners.

  • Rj

    Your opening statement is full of bullshit and flaws between the lines”stricter control for recreational and target shooting??” When was the last time a law abiding gun owner perpetrated a crime with a gun? Im damn sure the stats are ZERO!! The illegal owners are loving this! Do we take away everyones cars or limit times to drive them when a vehicle is used in a crime or drunk driving??? NO! Then leave us law abiding gunnies alone and go retire in some deep dark hole. Have you even owned or know anything about guns. I spent my career in the military as a gun mech, not one incident. Its the nut behind the but that makes the weapon dangerous, and YOU, CHP, ARE THE NUT!!! Nuff said!!

  • Simon

    The criminals love idiots like chp, she is tying the hands of legal gun owners, and untying the hands of criminals. Aim not a hunter, but, if an animal is charging, you need more than one round. Who voted these assholes in, not me.

    • Brian

      Senators are not elected officials, they are appointed. CHP was appointed tot he Senate during the 90s.

  • Craig

    This is no joke people. How do you think the British popular lost all their semi autos. They let bills like this slip in and get passed now their screwed. Once you have gone through the Gates of Hell it’s impossible to get back !!!!!

  • albert

    Yea what’s she on?, If this goes through everyone hide all your guns, who knows what will happen next!

  • Bob Fry

    This is a Senator private bill S-231, by Senate Celine Hervieux Payette, which has a smoke screen title, that no one believes. It is an obvious back door bill to in
    essence, to take away all guns from the general public. The Long Barrel Gun Registry was a waste of over $3 Billion Dollars, and didn’t slow down the criminals. This bill is a complete shambles to all Canadian Gun Owners, and has been pushed by the Liberal party. I do not own a gun, but I know people who do own guns, mainly long barreled guns for hunting of Deer, Elk, Moose, they enjoy the outdoors and the meat secured, reduces their family household food costs. Not to mention the taste of wild meat is way better than store bought meats. They are all responsible in having secured gun cabinets, current licenses etc. These are not the people that our going out to commit a crime. Also how does a hunter track down a wild animal and then attempt to shot them with a .22 caliber weapon. Transportation is by the individual as they are driving into remote locations, driving up into mountain ranges, walking and riding horses to find the animals that they have a ticket to hunt for. You cannot implement a registered location to store your gun, and then have a registered transportation company move the fire arms to just the Gun Club?? The people you are going to invite to your panel, doesn’t show one gun expert representing the hobbyists, the gun industry or any organization that represents safe gun control as in a Gun Club. This is a complete farce to all gun owners, that their is no meetings to discuss the issues, but I did see you have Lawyers and Policemen? This has all the markings of what President Obama wants to do, take away all the guns from the citizens and then you have no Civil Strive to contend with when it comes to Marshall law. Please tell me I’m wrong about this Bill.