Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights releases new video on 10/22 magazine prohibition

The Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights released a new video on the 10/22 magazine prohibition. Check it out, and more importantly: share it!

The Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (or CCFR) released a new video yesterday on their YouTube channel. In the flashy infomercial, armed to the teeth with cutesy animaions, Rod Giltaca discusses the RCMP’s reinterpretation of the law and subsequent ban on “high capacity” magazines for the Ruger 10/22 rifle.

Giltaca, the organization’s president, is an entrepreneur and well-known firearms advocate that has worked with and trained the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the public alike through his training company, the Civil Advantage Group.

The CCFR is a volunteer-based firearms advocacy group with a strong focus on media and awareness to educate the general public on firearms, and promoting participation in shooting sports.

In recent months the CCFR has begun to generate more public-facing awareness campaigns including TV commercials and ad space to engage the general public, send them to their public awareness website, get them talking about what Canadian gun owners and the laws they already follow are really like.

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