CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 carbine and pistol approved as restricted firearms

After 4 years of waiting the EVO 3 S1 has been approved as a restricted firearm

Yet another great announcement of a long-awaited firearm being approved in Canada.

The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 has been given its FRT and is classified as a restricted firearm. Much like the SIG MPX that was approved last week, there are both pistol-calibre carbine and pistol variants that are restricted by barrel length and by the virtue of being a pistol, respectively.

Still like the MPX, the EVO is chambered in 9mm however this is where the similarities end. The EVO uses a blowback design and sports a folding, adjustable stock (or no stock at all, in the case of the pistol version) along with multiple Picatinny rails for all your tacticool needs.

According to Wolverine Supplies, who confirmed the approval on, the semi-automatic version, the S1, was produced almost entirely due to their efforts to have the firearm sold on the Canadian market.

“It is because of our efforts that CZ agreed to design a dedicated semi auto Scorpion” wrote John Hipwell, the owner of Wolverine Supplies. “It is because of our efforts that CZ agreed to design a dedicated semi auto Scorpion.”

After the firearm was released to the US market it became an instant hit as has been given great reviews by popular YouTubers and bloggers alike.

According to Mr. Hipwell, Wolverine Supplies have placed an order for 350 pieces of the first 1,000 of their initial order and expect a May delivery, along with a retail price of $1,150 CAD.

Needless to say, we’re excited for this one.

  • Joe Dirtey

    idiotic 5 round limit. We need to scrap the Firearms Act.

    • SkintSNIPER262

      That’s why we need to elect Maxime Bernier. He’s going to get rid of the magazine restrictions and make gun legislation that actually makes sense!

  • Carolyn Cabana

    If you are going to quote Mr. Hipwell, from Wolverine Supplies, maybe quote his whole article to which he posted on CGN… “If the weaners and wankers on CGN insist on always supporting grey market importers they will kill their local Canadian dealers, do that and then you can really expect to get screwed.”

    • Hi Carolyn,

      The article is about the firearms being approved, not the issue of “grey market importers” or their influence on the Canadian firearms market. I understand it’s an issue, however it’s not relevant to this particular article.

      • Carolyn Cabana

        Thank you for your response. Just to let you know, IRunGuns is bringing these CZ Scorpion EVO S1 firearms into Canada next week. Feel free to advertise that as well then.

  • Yan Menard

    I am very surprised at people into these type of firearms

    5 rounds magazines
    No real accuracy

    An very expensive plinker in my opinion