CZ858 “Spartan” declared prohibited

The latest shipment of special edition CZ858 “Spartan” rifles have been declared prohibited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

In a move by the RCMP, the latest shipment of special edition CZ858 Tactical-2P “Spartan” rifles have been declared prohibited as “converted automatics”.

The rifles, which are a special-production run for Wolverine Supplies, feature a Greek helmet and the text Molon Labe in Greek letters – a common phrase of defiance that translates to “Come and Take Them” – etched into the breech block receiver and wooden butt stock. It also sports a Canadian maple leaf on the pistol grip and handguard.

According to the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and Other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited, Restricted or Non-Restricted the CZ858 Tactical-2P rifle is legal. However, the RCMP claims that these particular examples of the Tactical-2P are not the same because the Molon Labe, Spartan, and Canadian maple leaf markings are not on the original – thus these are “CZ858 Tactical-2P Spartan Limited Edition Proofed 2007 Or Later”, which is not specifically named as an exemption according to Regulations.

The RCMP FRT entry also states that the “‘CZ858 Tactical-2P’ firearm proofed 2007 can be converted to a fully automatic firearm in a relatively short period of time with relative ease”.

This is an egregious attempt by the RCMP to prohibit completely legal firearms with a “gotcha” technicality by attributing a new model name to the firearm based upon the furniture of the rifle and claiming that new model name is not exempted by the Regulations in addition to utilizing the same “converted automatic” tactic they had used in 2014 to originally prohibit all CZ858 rifles, a decision that was overruled by then-Public Safety Minister Steve Blaney who has announced his consideration to run for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Wolverine Supplies is currently seeking legal advice and is offering full refunds to anyone who has pre-ordered the affected rifle. The FRT Report  can be found below.


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  • casperthemedic

    The RCMP is out of control. This is no less than the police making and enforcing the law. The VERY definition of a police state. Wholly unacceptable in Canada.

  • Jonathan Welch

    Unbelievable logic….wow.

  • Arc_Light

    What a travesty. Why are the RCMP even allowed to make this decision? Some small-minded idiot/idiots declares these rifles illegal because of some markings? Those responsible should be drummed out of the force for cause.

  • Airwreck

    Remember, the head of the RCMP doesn’t want civilians to have firearms.

  • Derrick Hansen

    So, they called it a converted automatic… are these not brand new receivers?

    • Robert William Weatherby

      same as the regular 858’s a block welded inside that is near impossible it take out… unless you have a big lab and near endless money like the RCMP

      • Jako

        Not all 858’s.

        I had a buddy with a 2010 proofed one that was a new receiver.

        As far as I can ascertain from discussions at the shops, the number of welded ones was fairly small in the grand scheme.

        • Derrick Hansen

          wonder if these are new receivers or not, if they are block welds… we shoulda seen this coming. If they aren’t, then this should be changeable as they share no difference from the ones unaffected by the temporary ban last year… as in non-restricted.

          • Jako

            The scuttlebutt is that they actually are converted and that someone thought that would be ok to import despite the long standing prohibition on CA’s, which is entirely separate from the exemption 858’s are under.

            As irritating as the entire thing is, if that’s the case I can’t really fault the RCMP for CZ’s decision to be cheap bastards.

          • Derrick Hansen

            Yup. if cz sent em converted autos, wolverine should get their money back.

          • Jako

            Footing the bill for the bonded warehouse they’ve been sitting in has not been cheap. Bringing these in was an expensive venture for Wolverine.

          • Arc_Light

            “The scuttelbutt is”. That is not good enough. I want definitive proof. Until then, it’s not worth a hoot.

          • Jako

            Get in line with the rest of us to wait for something more definitive then. At this point neither CZ nor Wolverine have clarified the situation.

  • Neil Batchelor

    I just want to be absolutely clear before I jump down Goodale’s neck: Was this firearm a result of any kind of conversion from fully automatic fire, or is the action as shipped easily convertible to fully automatic fire as claimed by the RCMP? What would it take to convert it from semi to fully automatic?

    • Веня Гарматко

      You will have to machine out the wield in the receiver, where select fire sear is supposed to go. Manufacture select fire sear, pins and different safety/fire selector. Drill holes in the receiver, put in the sear and re-assemble the fire control group.

      In fact you have to be a professional machinist and have access to industrial machinery as the parts all have low tolerances. Also you have to have access to blueprints of original vz58 to know where and how deep to mill and drill.

      The issue with current prohibition is not “the ease of conversion”. there are exactly zero attempts on record of people trying to do that. The issue is FRT classification based on cosmetic difference.

  • JR_Wakefield

    Since the previous 858s are identical internally to these new 858s, the RCMP should be taken to court. Time to change the laws.

  • J Dana Clark

    To contact the public safety minister please email here :

    [email protected]

    • Arc_Light

      My letter is forthcoming. Goodale, though, is not a friend to the millions of responsible, law-abiding Canadian firearms owners.

  • Cal

    Brace yourselves my fellow gun owners!

    This is just the beginning of the current Liberal government’s effort to restrict and prohibit lawful firearms ownership. Goodale and Trudeau have already said new/revised firearms legislation is in the works.

    The time is now…start writing your MP and Goodale. If you belong to a recognized firearms association be sure to say so in your letter. This is our only recourse excepting non-compliance with any future restrictions and although it may be a method of protest, it’s also a good way to lose your PAL and your firearms.

    So, do something for yourself and your fellow gun owners…write a letter.

    • Mark Miles

      I agree, this is just the beginning of some very dark days for law abiding Canadian firearm owners.

  • Daniel Hurt

    This is ridiculous. We already had this debate, and the previous government overturned the RCMP’s decision; they were deemed legal, full stop.
    Take them to court on this.

  • Ace of Lances

    We should not have this friction between the Federal Police and gun owner / operators; it’s what disarmists want. These decisions cannot be left to institutions or individuals that have no accountability to the law or the electorate.
    Personally I’m supporting Kellie Leitch as things stand, let’s hear what the candidates have to say.

  • Robert William Weatherby

    same gun that is non-restricted but for the last batch they added some markings for us Canadians. I can’t take the Rcmp seriously anymore, they are a joke. I can no longer support them in anything they do anymore.

  • Sandy McNab

    I now vill zafe that theze gunz are verbotten…

  • mark300savage

    This is happening because its easier to punish LAW ABIDING CITIZEN rather than punish CRIMINALS , is this what Canadian tax dollars providing us ? Thanks alot.

  • The CFC/RCMP are following their orders from the Trudeau Liberal government. This has been a POLITICAL decision by those who have placed themselves above any rational discussions.

    • Airwreck

      I’m not a fan of the Trudeau government but the RCMP had been doing this crap since the Harper government. Remember it was under Harper’s watch the RCMP decided to retroactively prohibit the CZ-858 and the Swiss Arms.

      • cordilleran

        True, but the Harper government at least slapped them down with a specific exemption for this rifle, and now the RCMP are using the highly dubious tactic of claiming new wood makes a new model not subject to the exemption.

        It’s true the Harper government should have went further in curtailing the ability of the RCMP to meddle with firearms law, but at the time they wanted to get the vote of Toronto soccer moms. In retrospect if they knew they were going to lose anyway, they should have made more sweeping changes to the law.

        The RCMP are doing this since they know the Trudeau Liberals are sympathetic and won’t undo this ruling. They would have never tried this if the CPC was still in power.

  • Brian

    they sure are sneaky “its differant rifle cause its markings are different with a custom requested logo and molon labe” If that all it takes…..

    • cordilleran

      I think the RCMP would ultimately lose in court but Wolverine would pay much more in legal fees than the rifles are worth, especially if there were multiple appeals which there probably would be, after all the RCMP have as much taxpayer funds to apply to this as they want. Wolverine could send the rifles back, put the original wood on them, re-import, and sell the “Spartan” wood as an accessory. That said, even this extra overhead would probably make it a money losing option for Wolverine (and the RCMP know it).

  • Lee Phantomm

    Police should never interpret the law!

  • Lawrence Dolha

    The RCMP inforce the law not make the law. They have committed an unlawful act. Only a Properly eleced parliament can make laws. I will not obey any law made by a Buacratic institution. It’s uninforceable.

  • Donald Bezzina

    Someone in RCMP woke up on the wrong side of the bed it seems. Identical rifles are perfectly legal.

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  • Eric Ripper

    “Ease of conversion to full auto ” is NOT a legal reason to prohibit or classify anything. Another example of the rcmp jumping the shark. Time for a overhaul I think.

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