DND considers public sales of surplus Browning Hi-Power pistols

DND Hi-Power public sales

As the Canadian Forces being to look for a replacement to the aging Browning Hi-Power, the DND considers the possibility of public surplus sales.

After several years of playing with the idea of replacing their aging Hi-Power pistols, the Department of National Defense finally appears to be showing some initiative in moving ahead with the procurement process.

While the process is expected to take up to 10 years before the new pistols are in the hands of Canadian Forces personnel, the DND is already exploring options on how to dispose of whatever remains of the 14,000 Hi-Power currently in service. Approximately 1300 of those have been pulled from service to be used for spare parts to keep the ones still in service in working condition until the procurement process is complete.

According to DND spokesperson, Evan Koronewski, selling the surplus guns to the public is not off the table.

“In order for the disposal action to take place for the Browning High Power (sic) pistols, they must first be declared surplus to the Department of National Defence requirements. This has not yet occurred”, Koronewski said to David Pugliese. Pugliese is a regular military commentator for the Ottawa Citizen.

“Therefore, the disposal plan for the Browning High Power pistols has not yet been developed and approved. The disposal plan will take into account the fact that the Browning High Power pistol is a restricted firearm, and various options, including possible sale to the public, will be considered.”

The Browning Hi-Power has been in active service with the Canadian Forces since the Second World War.

  • Albert Sedore

    how would we get one?

  • Kona

    Might only be good as a wall hanger , though I am sure you could get replacement new parts for them.

  • Baggy270

    Sign me up!

  • Michael Glover

    That’s great! As a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserve ( Canadian Scottish Regiment) & a licensed, responsible gun owner I would love to own such a peace of history as an Inglis manufactured Browning HP35!

    Having said that the moment after the DND ( Department of National Defense ) sells the “surplus”, restricted handguns to the “public” I’m fairly confident that the RCMP will deem them ( & “variants” ) a danger to public safety and immeadiately move to declare the Browning Hi-Power a prohibited firearm and confiscate the lot of them a lá CZ858 “Spartan”.

  • v2jafer

    I want in on this.

  • Jethro_Q_Walrustitty

    I would like two please:)

  • Llyn Stuart

    where…when,and how much will they go for?