Edmonton Shooting Centre to move to Acheson

Edmonton Shooting Centre logo

Edmonton’s latest indoor shooting range will not opening at its proposed location, and will be delayed by at least one year.



Recently the Edmonton Shooting Centre, which was pegged to be the largest indoor shooting range in western Canada, announced that their proposed location on Edmonton’s west end will not be home to the new range. Instead, they have elected to move to another location in Acheson.

They took to Facebook to announce their new plans, citing the cost and limitations of renovating the existing structure at their initially proposed location as the reason for the decision. By building their own purpose-built structure they have announced they will also be offering the following:

  • 24 pistol lanes
  • retail space
  • classrooms
  • simulator training
  • cleaning benches
  • reloading stations
  • secure firearms storage
  • members lounge
  • 100-meter indoor range

The Edmonton Shooting Centre expects an additional 12 months of delay before they are open for business.

  • Mike Crook

    Great to see an all inclusive range being built and as such support for shooters Canada wide – we desperately need efforts like that in the face of a growing anti gun/hunting lobbyists and extreme left wing government members ala PQ etc

  • Jim

    Just wondering if the changes, upgrades, etc. are planned improvement or is it driven by the CFO?