Identifying counterfeit Impact Sport earmuffs

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Worried that your Howard Light Impact Sport earmuffs might be fake? Here are some indicators to help you determine if yours are genuine

With the number of counterfeit Impact Sport earmuffs being sold – even through the official Amazon store – many are left wondering if the ones they purchased are authentic and safe. Luckily, there are a number easily identifiable differences between the real ones and the fakes. In this guide


The most immediate indicator of a fake pair of Impact Sport earmuffs is the headband. The genuine muffs sport a matte headband with a shallow embossed Howard Leight by Honeywell with the Howard Leight logo. The fakes, on the other hand, have a very shiny headband and the embossing has much stronger relief.


Battery Contacts

This is by far the most obvious sign of a fake. The genuine muffs contain paddle-style contacts, whereas the fakes utilize the more available coil-style contacts.


After removing the ear cups there are more stark differences in store. Immediately apparent is the complete disorganization of the wires and overuse of hot glue. Different microphones and less foam around the speaker are also noticeable. Less apparent are the different screws used to hold the speakers in place. Additionally, the counterfeits use a single piece of light foam pad , where the genuine muffs use a denser, grey foam pad fronted with a thin layer of light foam that provides greater sound insulation. The circuit board of the authentic muffs also use more expensive gold plating, whereas the fakes use a cheaper silver plating




Volume Control

This was another obvious giveaway. While they look identical, the feel is completely different. The volume control on the counterfeit muffs is gritty and rough as if there is sand stuck inside of it, whereas the genuine control is smooth with no resistance.

Sound Quality

After wearing both the genuine muffs and the counterfeit ones, it’s obvious that the components used in the latter are much lower in quality. The speakers in the counterfeit muffs click constantly, likely due to electrical interference caused by the poorly insulated wires, and I found that the right speaker was much lower in volume than the left one regardless of the volume setting.


What should I do if mine are fake?

If you suspect that your earmuffs are counterfeit then it is recommended that you stop using it immediately and to contact the seller for a refund. To get $5 off the purchase of your next genuine pair from Amazon, try the coupon code “HONEYWELL5”. (This is not an endorsement nor was this article sponsored by Honeywell nor is it guaranteed to be valid still). If it doesn’t work, try contacting Amazon Support and ask if they can credit your account with the $5 promo.