Authorization to Transport (ATT)

Authorizations to Transport, or ATTs, are issued by the provincial Chief Firearms Officer to those who wish to transport their restricted or prohibited firearms anywhere. ATTs must be issued for each province you wish to transport the applicable firearms in. While there is only one official definition of an ATT, there is a general understanding and acceptance of two variations of an ATT:

  • Long-term ATTs  (or LTATTs) are issued for the purpose of regular transportation of restricted or prohibited firearms. LTATTs are valid for 5 years and typically permit the holder to transport, by a route that, in all circumstances, is reasonably directed for the indicated purposes, firearms to and from:
    • all shooting clubs and ranges approved under Section 29 of the Firearms Act
    • any place a peace officer, firearms officer, or Chief Firearms Officer is located for verification, registration, or disposal
    • any gunsmith
    • any gun show
    • a port of entry into or port of exit out of Canada
    • from a place of acquisition of a newly acquired restricted or prohibited firearm to the licence holder’s residence
    • any other place as approved by the CFO and indicated on the ATT
  • Short-term ATTs (or STATTs) are issued for the purpose of transporting a restricted or prohibited firearm for things which the issued LTATT might not permit, such as transporting applicable firearms across provincial borders. Previously, before Bill C-42 came into force, STATTs were required to transport a newly-acquired restricted or prohibited firearm home from the store but this is no longer the case. STATTs, as the name implies, are only valid for a very short period of time.

Authorization to Carry (ATC)

Authorizations to Carry (or ATCs), like the ATTs, are issued by the Chief Firearms Officer. These permit a person to carry on their person a restricted or prohibited firearm for the purpose of protection of life or as required for their lawful occupation or employment. While anyone with a valid Restricted PAL can apply for an ATC they are very rarely issued to persons other than law enforcement or certain private security personnel (VIP security, armored cash transport, etc).