IWI US Inc. to introduce Tavor in .300 Blackout

Tavor in .300 Blackout
The American subsidiary of IWI is expected to launch their Tavor in .300 Blackout at SHOT Show 2016. Factory conversion kits will also be available for sale.

IWI US has released a press statement to Ammoland.com via Facebook to announce the new arrival to the Tavor line. They have also stated that a factory conversion kit will be available for anyone who currently owns a Tavor in 5.56 NATO or 9mm for a minimum suggested retail price of $499 USD while a new .300 BLK Tavor is expected to go for MSRP $2,049.00 USD. Both the factory-built .300 BLK Tavors and the conversion kits will come with 16.5″ or 18″ barrels.

Unfortunately, due to barrel length restrictions for semi-automatic centre-fire rifles, the 16.5″ barrel will be prohibited while the 18″ barrel will be restricted. That means the new Tavor in .300 Blackout will be a restricted firearm in Canada unless IWI US decides to produce 18.5″ barrels for it. Bummer. If you currently own a non-restricted Tavor, it probably won’t be worth the trouble to convert it into .300 BLK.

Here is the full text of the press release:

IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., is proud to announce a new caliber for the TAVOR® SAR; the .300 Blackout. The bullpup deemed “Rifle of the Year” by the NRA’s American Rifleman Magazine in 2014 continues to excite the American audience who have embraced the TAVOR SAR and the bullpup concept with open arms. For those who already own a TAVOR® SAR in 5.56 NATO or 9mm, a .300 Blackout conversion kit will also be available.

“We’ve had a ton of requests for this particular caliber as its popularity has grown as a good self-defense round as well as a hunting round,” Michael Kassnar, VP of Sales and Marketing for IWI US explained. “The .300 Blackout is a highly accurate, soft shooting round that is also a very effective hunting round, unlike the lighter more traditional varmint or military calibers. We listened to our customers on Facebook and through our Customer Service Department and this was a round that kept coming up to the top of the wish list. And we listened to our customers express their need for a .300 Blackout rifle that can reliably handle sub-sonic and supersonic loads. The result is an integral gas regulator built into the Tavor barrel that is easily adjustable for sub or supersonic rounds.”

The TAVOR® SAR bullpup configuration offers the short rifle convenience but with a full size rifle’s velocity, energy and accuracy. All of the TAVOR® SAR’s parts are MIL-STD and 100% interchangeable. The 16.5” or 18” .300 Blackout barrel is cold-hammer forged and chrome lined, made from CrMoV steel. The long-stroke gas piston system is also 100% ambidextrous in configuration and operation with an optional opposite hand bolt, and a simple field stripping is all that is needed to quickly and easily break down the TAVOR into two major serviceable subassemblies. MSRP is $ 2,049.00.

The .300 Blackout conversion kit includes a 16.5” or 18” cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel made of CrMoV steel with a 1:7 right hand twist, a headspaced bolt, an A2 flash suppressor and barrel wrench.  MSRP is $499.00.

For more information, please visit www.iwi.us.