MP Kerry Diotte fires at Ralph Goodale over 10/22 magazine controversy

Another Member of Parliament has spoken out against the reinterpretation of legality surrounding the Ruger 10/22 magazines

A user, who wishes to remain anonymous, took to a Canadian firearms forum board to share the letter he received from his Member of Parliament, Conservative Kerry Diotte representing Edmonton Griesbach, on the issue of the 10/22 magazine controversy. According to Diotte, he has received many correspondences from his constituents on the matter, prompting him to urge the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Hon. Ralph Goodale, to reverse this bureaucratic decision that was without any proof of enhanced public safety.

Dear [redacted]:

Thanks for your correspondence regarding the classification of the 10/ 22 Ruger Magazine.

I hear you. It is unfair that with just a stroke of a pen, law – abiding firearm owners can be criminalized for owning property that they purchased legally.

The RCMP Canadian Firearms Program’s decision to prohibit the 10/ 22 Ruger Magazine does just that, while doing nothing to promote public safety. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet have the authority to undo this classification.

Our former Conservative government’s Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act gave the Governor in Council the power to prescribe firearms to be non- restricted or restricted.

On behalf of the many constituents I’ve heard from on this classification decision, I’ve written the attached letter to the Hon.Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

I encourage you to also make your views known to the Hon.Ralph Goodale. As your Member of Parliament, I’m proud to stand up for common sense firearm regulations that prioritize public safety without penalizing law- abiding hunters, farmers and sport shooters.


Kerry Diotte

Member of Parliament

Edmonton Griesbach

They also included Diotte’s letter to Hon. Ralph Goodale, which echos almost entirely the same sentiment held by MP Bob Zimmer in his letter to the Minister last month.

Dear Minister Goodale:

The RCMP Canadian Firearms Program’s decision to prohibit the 10/22 Ruger Magazine is unfair to law-abiding firearms owners.

I’ve heard from many of my constituents, who have expressed sincere disapproval of this bureaucratic decision.

Justifiably so, this unilateral change to the classification of the 10/22 Ruger Magazine criminalizes Canadians for owning property that they purchased legally.

Moreover, this decision contradicts regulations outlined in the Criminal Code. Following the restriction of certain cartridge magazines, it states that restrictions laid out in “Paragraph (1)(a) does not include any cartridge magazine that (a) was originally designed or manufactured for use in a firearm that (i) is chambered for, or designed to use, rimfire cartridges.” The 10/22 Ruger Magazine was designed for the Ruger 10/22 rifle, a rimfire rifle.

The prohibition of this magazine penalizes law-abiding firearm owners and there’s no evidence that this will improve public safety.

I urge you to reverse the classification of the 10/22 Ruger Magazine or introduce an amnesty for those who purchased this magazine legally,


Kerry Diotte
Member of Parliament
Edmonton Griesbach


While we need to continue fighting this battle, it’s clear that writing to your Member of Parliament is not a useless tactic. The more MPs we have writing to the Minister on this matter, the more likely it is we will be able to overcome this obstacle and once again be able to use magazines with capacities greater than 10 rounds in our 10/22s without being a criminal for doing so.

  • GutsLCF .

    Unfortunately, with a Liberal government in power, this new prohibition will pass through with no issues. It has always been a known fact that Liberals (every time they are in power) remove more and more rights on law abiding gun owners. This is a simple fact of life, like how oxygen is required. Conservatives had a great opportunity to cement that the RCMP could no longer call the shots yet they did not. It’s a damn shame that everything associated with firearms are seen as negatives.. especially by people who know nothing or very little of the subject.

    I just got involved in firearms 3-4 years ago and bought my first handgun 2 years ago. Recently acquired a .357 magnum and I know that once our government is done reducing rifles to single shots and only being allowed to own them for hunting and sports shooting (where you will have to show proof that you do either of these activities at least once a year, like handguns) they will come after handguns with a straight up ban..

    Really unsettling how our civil “servants” are not serving us at all but controlling us more and more as time goes on. As a young boy I thought Canada was great, and it is, but the people we elect (or in this case, did not vote for) are the ones choosing what they THINK is best for me and everyone else… if I wanted to return to that mentality I would go back to kindergarten as a 3-4 year old boy. The PAL system is a good system and anything else after this, like the ridiculous restrictions such as magazine capacity limits and straight up bans on firearms due to U.S. mass shootings, is complete overreach by our government. It’s this feel good attitude towards making laws over issues not happening in our country that is slowly destroying it. Trust me, once they are done with their firearm agenda (which will be the day firearms are almost completely banned) they will come after you over other issues. Then all these people affected by their next “crusade” to control the people will get mad and cry out asking for help. Unfortunately, those cries for help will fall on deaf ear to the past firearm owners. This is a hobby for all law abiding gun owners, something we are passionate about and love.

  • DrCool

    Maybe not the best wording for that headline, considering the topic…