Maxime Bernier: when I’m PM firearm owners ‘won’t have to worry’

Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier speaks in the House of Commons. (Photo: CP)

Conservative party leader candidate Maxime Bernier is telling gun owners that when he is Prime Minister they “won’t have to worry” about becoming a criminal overnight or their firearms being reclassified.

Tory leadership candidate Maxime Bernier is telling gun owners that they “won’t have to worry” about their firearms when he is Prime Minister.

According to Bernier, a former cabinet minister in prime minister Stephen Harper’s government, “Liberals hate guns. We know [they are] going to change the law. But we don’t know how” he asserted in a fundraising note to the Conservative Party members on Tuesday. “Without changing any laws, the Liberals could steal our property and make people criminals overnight,” he wrote. “It’s not fair, and it doesn’t make Canada any safer.”

The 53-year-old Member of Parliament representing Beauce (Quebec), continued to add that he doesn’t believe public safety means taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. “I don’t believe that owning firearms makes you a criminal, or dangerous, or violent person. When I’m prime minister, firearms owners won’t have to worry anymore.”

A spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, Scott Bardsley, said the Liberal Party plans to repeal certain elements of C-42 (Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act), including the section that rolled Authorizations to Transport (ATTs) into restricted firearms licenses and eliminated the need for additional authorizations and paper copies – something the Grits falsely believe allows restricted firearms to be transported without permits.

Still, “[the Liberals] will not interfere in the police’s decision-making about weapons classifications”, he added.

According to Bardsley, the Liberal Party wants to make it more difficult for gangs and criminals to get their hands on pistols and so-called assault weapons. “Our government believes in balanced, effective gun control that prioritizes public safety while ensuring law-abiding firearms owners do not face unfair treatment under the law.”

Despite their support for and willingness to assist establishing Quebec’s provincial gun registry, Bardsley stated they “will not recreate a federal long gun registry”.

Bernier’s fundraising note ended with a call for supporters to donate $5 to his campaign. Maxime Hupé, a spokesman for Bernier, said that his fundraising campaign has collected more than $500,000 so far.

  • Cal

    I want to hear that when he’s prime minister, there will be a complete re-write of our firearms legislation and a return to common sense thinking and not more bleeding heart, emotional, nonsense.

    I need more than…don’t worry about your guns. That ain’t gonna cut it. Too much water under the bridge now.

    If he’s campaigning to gun owners, he’s gonna have to up the ante…before I’ll pony up 5 bucks for him.

    • Chong Jin

      well if he says that he will never be elected, do you know how much the toronto and vancouver left wingers hate the guns?

      they blame everything to the guns, their kids going jail, their society is collapsing, they cant afford a house, their periods are late, everything

      • Cal

        Though I see your logic and I don’t totally disagree….the problem is if we as gun owners keep silent and don’t demand better from our elected officials, nothing will ever change.

        The socialist left will always cry for more restrictions and will and is attempting (and is succeeding) in lionizing gun owning citizens to the uninformed masses.

        Silence will not win us even the status quo under this government and it certainly won’t win us any loosening of restrictions in the future.

  • Cal

    I should add, that I don’t trust any politician with regard to firearms. Our track record in this country is one of steadily restricting ownership and use.

    Bill C-42 was a very small step in the right direction but was drafted to not alarm the left and really did very little to change the “meat” of the current legislation.

    In my opinion, the Conservatives waited far too long to enact their changes and should have moved on it when they abolished the long gun registry.

    And, we’re hearing now that the Libs are planning to reverse C-42. I would predict that gun owners in this country could indeed be facing many more dark days under the Trudeau Liberal government. It will take some very organized and vocal opposition to halt their plans.

    • Chong Jin

      well at least the CPC scratched the long gun registry…that must count something

      • Cal

        It counts for something alright. But they had the perfect opportunity to re-work the firearms legislation from the ground up and they did very little. And, it appears too little, too late. As the Libs are talking reversal of most of C-42.