NEA teases non-restricted AR-10 platform

NEA non-restricted AR10

North Eastern Arms teases a new non-restricted AR10 platform.



Really not much to say about it yet, but according to the NEA Facebook page they are trying for a non-restricted AR10 and do not yet have a release date as of yet. They did, however, state that they are aiming for a price of $1499 CAD. I will always welcome more non-restricted firearms in Canada!

  • $1500 is a great price for a .308 rifle like that. Knowing NEA it should be sub-MOA with the right ammo. Given the $1250 sticker price for one of their .223/5.56 restricted AR15 types, that is only a slight increase. Compare to others on the market… especially if it is non-restricted.

    $2939 for a restricted DPMS G2
    $3650 for a Modern Hunter
    $3350 for a XCR-M (will be about 1 MOA on a good day)
    $2499 for a Springfield M1A (won’t be sub-MOA)

    Sorry, but $1500 for a sub-MOA .308WIN semi auto rifle, especially a non-restricted one, is a heck of a good price, especially given how expensive the alternatives are, and how terrible the US dollar conversion is. (Yes, the Norinco M-14S / M305 costs $600 but that’s a 2-3 MOA rifle, not in the same ballpark as the NEA)

    I would definitely be interested in one when they hit the market, especially if they are NR.

  • John

    As a former grunt, this article makes me happy in the pants!

  • Steve

    If they can make it at that price and it make the non restricted requirements I would want one pretty bad.

  • Jake

    How do we know its .308? And would it not have to be named something other than AR? wouldn’t that automatically categorize it as restricted? I’d love to see something like this in .223 for coyote.

    • Brian

      Did you read the Facebook post at the bottom of the page?

      • Jake

        I did not, I don’t see any Facebook posts at the bottom of this page. If I had read it, then it would be awfully foolish of me to ask don’t you think?
        A little further reading on the subject and I find that an AR10 is a .308 battle rifle, which leads me back to the second part of my original question, if it is called an AR (and has interchangeable upper or lower halves with AR15’s which I assume this will not) wouldn’t it be classified as restricted?
        … just a question.
        As for the .223, I see that NEA will be working on a version of this “AR10” in that caliber after the release.

      • Cal

        Perhaps a friendlier and more detailed answer to an honest question from one of “your” readers would have been more appropriate way to reply.

        Not all of us are on Facebook. Thank goodness for that!!

        • John

          The Facebook post in question is a screen shot posted on this page guys, scroll up. Right above the “About the author”…..

  • Larry Johns

    More to the point: if this tasty .308 (gas?) operated, locked breech, semi-auto, full power, centre-fire rifle is NON RESTRICTED, how can the “Powers-that-be” justify maintaining RESTRICTED status for AR, AK, FAL, HK, etc. platforms that are likewise “gas operated, locked breech, semi-auto…centre fire arms ?

    How can the former group be just fine for us law-abiding owners to hunt, plink or target shoot with (where allowed) while the latter remain an “evil threat to civil order”?

    Don’t know about you; but I find it simply illogical.

    • John P Davis

      Probably the same way a humble semiauto mag fed .22 is your typical non-restricted rifle until you throw on exterior bits to make it look like an AK and presto, a prohibited semiauto mag fed .22 no different from its brethren outside of its appearance. Not messed up at all, if you run the RCMP apparently 😉

      • Todd Sauve

        The problem is the RCMP and feds are in bed together on this issue because of a (doubtless) small but loud-mouthed group of people who don’t know a potato peeler from an assault gun. Anything black with a handle that sticks downward is just too frightening looking for them to handle and thus sensible people who know that semi-automatic rifles come in all shapes and sizes are left being ruled over by simpletons. And their gutless politician friends looking for a vote anywhere they can dredge one up.

        By the way, when was the last time someone murdered someone else with an AR15 in Canada? Did Bissonette in Quebec have a license for the restricted AK-47s he used? Or was he completely out of bounds and off the legal radar with his guns?

  • Cal

    Hi Brian, I am not a troll.
    Which is why I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt as to the reason you haven’t allowed my comment to go forward. To your credit, perhaps you weren’t being flip with your response, but I would hazard to say it appeared that way.
    I appreciate two things that are very much lacking on the interwebz…civility and the ability of those who put themselves out there to take constructive criticism in stride.
    Don’t get me wrong, you have every right to moderate your blog however you see fit. I however also, can choose to ignore your blog.
    I happen to have received notification of your blog post through the NFA daily media report. I’ve been a member for a number of years now. It was an email exchange with Dr. Gary Mauser that inspired me to join. As single voices aren’t as powerful as the unified voices of the many.
    We as firearms owners need to be an inclusive club. Maybe as a relative newcomer as your bio states, you aren’t too aware of the struggles we’ve faced in the past. You didn’t have to make the agonizing decision to either register your guns and yourself with the government or risk becoming a criminal.
    More than ever we need to foster trust amongst each other, not division. Your struggle with firearms restrictions is my struggle too. Though I only own 1 restricted firearm (handgun), I will fight alongside those who want the AR 15 returned to non-restricted status. I support those who want to trap and skeet shoot and also those like me who hunt. I’d love to carry a sidearm while in the bush, but I can’t. I’d like that to change.
    I’ve been handling firearms since early childhood. I’ve been an owner myself for over 20 years now and own a variety of firearms. I’ve spent plenty of time at gun ranges and in the bush hiking and hunting.
    And no, I’m really not on Facebook either. Many of us, guys like me…we’re not now nor ever will plug into social media.
    I wish you well.

    • bobby

      Because if they change any of the internal parts so that it cannot be interchanged with other AR-10s (which is apparently the case with the NEA 25), then it can be considered it’s own designation, much like the Modern Hunter.

  • Bob D

    A non-restricted AR10 like this for $1,500.00 and accurate to one MOA would be a steal in the Canadian market. Also as stated above it raises the question why are AR15’s restricted anyway. Well we all know why, ignorance and they look scary.