NFA files constitutional challenge, injunction against Quebec's gun registry

The National Firearms Association has filed a constitutional challenge and injunction in the Quebec Supreme Court in response to the passing of the Registration of Firearms Act.

Canada’s National Firearms Association has officially filed a constitutional challenge in the Quebec Supreme Court today against the province’s recently passed Registration of Firearms Act. In addition to the challenge, they’re also seeking an injunction against the Act. This is to prevent the implementation of the registry until the constitutional challenge has been dealt with.

“Quebec’s Registration of Firearms Act infringes upon federal jurisdiction in matters of criminal law, and it does not fall within any valid field of provincial jurisdiction,” says NFA President Sheldon Clare.  “This new Registration of Firearms Act is not constitutional and should be struck down by the courts.”

“As Canada’s largest and most effective firearms rights advocacy organization, the NFA has a duty to act as a leader in this fight, and to spare no effort or resource to defeat this registry which will, once again, treat law abiding firearms owners and users as ‘would-be criminals,” he added.

The NFA says it “has the support of many individuals and groups in Quebec, including the ‘Tous contre un registre québécois des armes à feu’ organization”. This organization was created by Quebec residents when the province announced the registry bill.

“‘Tous contre un registre québécois des armes à feu’ have been very helpful and have pledged to assist the NFA in raising the necessary funds to mount this legal challenge.  We appreciate their work and their commitment to the rights of firearm owners and users, and we encourage everyone else who supports our goals of stopping this gun registry to join us in our fight by visiting our web site at and becoming a member or donating to our legal fund,” Clare concluded.

A copy of the NFA’s application for injunction and challenge can be found on their website here.