Norinco Type 81 receives non-restricted status

Norinco Type 81
When you think of a kind-of-an-AK-but-not-really rifle here in Canada you think of the CZ858 or VZ58. Not anymore. The Norinco Type 81 is coming to town.


Just yesterday the RCMP officially reclassified the Akdal MKA 1919 from restricted to non-restricted. And that was a pleasantly unexpected decision. But this one, in my opinion, is even better. The Norinco Type 81 has officially been assigned an FRT (#160486) and will be imported in both non-restricted and restricted barrel lengths.

The Type 81 is a Kalashnikov-based automatic rifle that, up until fairly recently, had been the issued rifle of the People’s Liberation Army of China. It features a short-stroke piston, a barrel designed for spigot-type rifle grenades, and is last round bolt hold open. So how is it non-restricted? Well, t is now being produced by Norinco in semi-automatic only versions destined for civilian markets and, after years sitting in the RMCP inspection lab, it has been determined to be more akin to the wonderful, cosmoline-soaked plinker known as the SKS and, as a result, is not a variant of the AK47 or any other currently prohibited firearms.

Both CanadaAmmo and Tactical Imports have reportedly confirmed they will be importing versions of the Type 81, though no MSRP has been set as of yet. I don’t know what they’re doing differently in the RCMP inspection labs but I sure like it.

Thanks again to Edward of TV-PressPass. If you’d like to check out the Type-81 in action, Alex from The Firearm Blog/TFB TV has got you covered.