North Sylva introduces "SKS-47" design

Looks like an AK (well, kind of) . Shoots like an SKS. Priced like a CZ858. But is the SKS-47 worth it? Let’s discuss it…



North Sylva introduced today on their new “SKS-47” – a concept that melds the SKS and AK-47 designs into one. Realistically, however, it’s an SKS in an almost $600 chassis that somewhat resembles that of an AK. It is important to note, however, that the cost includes a functioning rifle. We don’t know much else about it at this point in time, but what we do know is that it will employ the AK-style rock-and-lock magazine system (and yes – it does take AK mags!). The chassis is also purported to increase the accuracy of the SKS, though I wouldn’t put much weight into that claim.

Personally, I’d get the chassis… if it was, at most, only an extra $200 on top of the cost of the SKS inside it. I certainly wouldn’t get it at its current introductory price of $749 CAD much less its (currently unspecified) regular price.

What do you think? Is it worth it? Leave a comment below!



  • My opinion:

    If you already have an SKS and you want a more legit AK look, sell it and buy a VZ58 , CZ858. or CZ958.

    If you don’t have an SKS, don’t buy it and instead, buy a VZ58, CZ858 or CZ958.

    Who is anyone trying to fool? You are taking a pre $200 rifle and dumping triple or in some cases quadruple its value into it just so you have a “somewhat” AK look? In the end its your money and decision. The only real authentic NR AK you can get is the Valmet Hunter, other than that it is based solely on looks and then you run into the VZ and CZ firearms. Keep your SKS the way it is, been there and done that and wasted money trying to get it to “look” like an AK.

  • Jay

    In order for an sks to except AK mags the receiver has to be milled out.

  • Bob D

    An $800.00 SKS!
    No thanks.

  • Kelvo

    What if you already have a ak?

    • Brian

      If you’re in possession of an AK in Canada then you’re likely breaking the law.

      • *Unless you have an prohib license for said class.

      • marshall

        What a stupid comment, do you know what the class even is?

        • Brian

          They’re prohibited by name. Very few people are licensed to possess prohibited firearms. If you have a prohib license then the SKS-47 is not something you’d likely even consider owning.

  • garth woodward

    would,nt pay more than $400

  • Tom

    Why not get a Type 81?

  • Roger Jones

    Why is it green?

  • Mike

    Is that the actual colour? If so, why?

  • ed

    Big, fat NO.