Conservative Caucus calls on Public Safety Minister to Overturn Firearms Ban

Tony Clement

The Official Opposition’s Public Safety critic has released a public statement calling on Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to overturn the recent prohibition of the CZ 858 “Spartan” rifle

The Official Opposition’s Public Safety critic, Tony Clement, issued a joint statement with deputy critic, Larry Miller, appealing to the RCMP Commissioner and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to overturn the RCMP’s recent prohibition of the CZ 858 “Spartan” rifle – a move they call an unfair punishment to law-abiding gun owners.

Larry Miller has previously made headlines for his bill, C-230, that sought to define and clarify the term “variant”. Bill C-230 did not pass second reading after it received significant criticism from the firearms community and legal experts.

“The RCMP has arbitrarily decided, without any justification, to implement this prohibition. The ban flies in the face of logic, and is another example of bureaucrats making an ill-advised decision that will unnecessarily cost law-abiding hunters and sports shooters across the country.” said Clement and Miller.

“The former Conservative government stood up to an RCMP attempt to reclassify this rifle in 2014, having it reinstated. Canada already has stringent firearms regulations, educational, and licensing protocols in place to ensure safety, and this decision only hurts those who follow the law.”

A further statement was provided on Clement’s website, declaring that the Conservative caucus is calling for the prohibition to be overturned.

“The Conservative caucus is calling on the RCMP Commissioner and the Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, to do the right thing. They must protect the rights of firearm owners and immediately overturn this unjustifiable decision.”