Conservative Caucus calls on Public Safety Minister to Overturn Firearms Ban

Tony Clement

The Official Opposition’s Public Safety critic has released a public statement calling on Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to overturn the recent prohibition of the CZ 858 “Spartan” rifle

The Official Opposition’s Public Safety critic, Tony Clement, issued a joint statement with deputy critic, Larry Miller, appealing to the RCMP Commissioner and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to overturn the RCMP’s recent prohibition of the CZ 858 “Spartan” rifle – a move they call an unfair punishment to law-abiding gun owners.

Larry Miller has previously made headlines for his bill, C-230, that sought to define and clarify the term “variant”. Bill C-230 did not pass second reading after it received significant criticism from the firearms community and legal experts.

“The RCMP has arbitrarily decided, without any justification, to implement this prohibition. The ban flies in the face of logic, and is another example of bureaucrats making an ill-advised decision that will unnecessarily cost law-abiding hunters and sports shooters across the country.” said Clement and Miller.

“The former Conservative government stood up to an RCMP attempt to reclassify this rifle in 2014, having it reinstated. Canada already has stringent firearms regulations, educational, and licensing protocols in place to ensure safety, and this decision only hurts those who follow the law.”

A further statement was provided on Clement’s website, declaring that the Conservative caucus is calling for the prohibition to be overturned.

“The Conservative caucus is calling on the RCMP Commissioner and the Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, to do the right thing. They must protect the rights of firearm owners and immediately overturn this unjustifiable decision.”

  • Neil Batchelor

    I dont want to look a gift horse in the mouth but, what is going to be Goodales reaction? “Oh crap yeah, you guys are right. Let me give the Commissioner a call.” OR is he going to take an opportunity to show off the PC’S as out of touch with Canadian Values (here meaning those views expressed by a majority of Liberal urbanites who wouldn’t know a bolt action from a semi-auto rifle if one came up and kissed them square on the lips)? Things that make you go: “Hmmm….”

    • Cal

      My guess is nothing will happen with the Spartan until the Libs unveil the new firearms legislation they’re working on. And then, again nothing will happen with the Spartan except to remain prohibited status.

      I’m glad the Conservatives are being vocal. However, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…the Conservatives had the opportunity to do much more than they did to safeguard firearms rights and make this kind of nonsense a thing of the past.

      I’ve lost faith in any politician or political party to do the right thing with regard to firearms legislation. It will be and has always been the people, the firearms owners who have to press for changes.

      • James

        “the Conservatives had the opportunity to do much more than they did to safeguard firearms rights”.

        It doesn’t matter what govt is in place or what firearms laws they may change, create or eliminate. All laws can be changed at any time any current govt decides to.

        • Cal

          I think maybe you missed my point. I’m wholly aware of any govt’s ability to change the laws.

          However, to enlarge firearms freedoms is not a popular political party stance.

          But I would venture to say that the larger the piece of legislation enacted, the less inclined the next govt is to change it. The sweeping changes to firearms laws made by the Liberals in 1995 are a great example of this.

          So, the Conservatives had ample time in power and opportunity to re-write the firearms laws if they had been so inclined. But they didn’t. Instead we only saw the demise of the long gun registry (glad for that) and some administrative type changes thrown together before the last election…which the Libs are now set to reverse.

          What is your take on the current firearms legislation and the fact that the Liberals are fixing to enact more?

  • Tom Tweney

    WE NEED A Donald Trump in Canada

    • Cal

      The closest thing to Donald Trump at this point is Kevin O’Leary. And, apparently O’Leary is grossly misinformed with regard to firearms in general.

      I’d settle for someone less bombastic than a Trump-esque politician in favour of someone who can inform and reason with the masses rather than alienate them.

      Maybe that’s too much to ask? But what I’ve read about O’Leary and his understanding of firearms…he couldn’t explain the first thing about their actual function (AR15 in particular, as he already butchered that one) and the complicated legislation surrounding them.