Petition e-111 presented in the House of Commons by MP Bob Zimmer


Bob Zimmer, the MP for Prince George-Peace River and parliamentary sponsor to petition e-111, presented the petition today in the House of Commons


Petition e-111 was presented today in the House of Commons by its parliamentary sponsor, conservative MP Bob Zimmer for the riding of Price George-Peace River-Northern Rockies. The petition, which closed after 120 days of accepting signatures, at 25,249 names – the most of any official Government of Canada e-petition to date, by Marc Bennett of Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, calls upon the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to reclassify the Armalite Rifle AR-15 to non-restricted status.

The Government of Canada is now required to table a response to the petition in the House of Commons within 45 days. Those who signed the petition will receive an e-mail to the address they specified when they signed it when the government tables their response.

Below is a video of The Honourable Bob Zimmer presenting the petition in the House, taken from C-SPAN.

  • Lawrence Dolha

    Thank you Brian for all your hard work. I don’t own AR-15 but I don’t see any reason for it to be banned. It’s only reason is cosmetic. It’s a great firearm and how can the cosmetics make it more dangerous?

    Thank you again.

  • michel joannette

    thanks….I just hope the petition has a effect of the Government ,the problem is that most of the anti guns peoples are from big city….and we rural peoples it seem that we are not real Canadians and most of the antigun law has been put forward by city MP. And if let say the Montreal massacre did happen today well it would be consider a terrorist act …and if some journalist or police would have look closely at those shooting they would have discover that the perpetrator of those act where not quite the person they where …and if I may ….Marc Lepine name was actually
    Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi
    and Kimveer Gill the Dawson college shooter…
    Those shooting prompted the liberal government to enacted the gun control law …..that cost us Canadians billions of $ …..but if this would happen today it would have been call a terror attack …and it was a terror attack

  • Ron

    Good to see the RFC with good political support is keeping up the pressure on this file and continuing the good work of the NFA last year wherein 2 petitions were presented, one on this same AR15 issue and the other re the restrictions on magazine capacity for semis.

  • Ron

    Good to see politicians are continuing the good work started by the NFA last year with their petitions on this file and also the issue of magazine size limitations for semis.

  • John

    Hopefully law abiding citizens are granted a little more Liberty. But it’s not the politicans that classify or re classify firearms. Trudeau gave that power back to the RCMP. Don’t think this will go to far at all.

  • Andrew Fowler

    Thank all involved for having the courage and dedication to help preserve our rights and our heritage as Canadians . As we progress forward in time there seems to be very little common sense anymore. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would be able to see that gun laws are more than strict enough in this country. It is not the law abiding licenced gun owner that is a threat it is the criminal element in our society that poses the biggest threat. Instead of spending small fortunes on gun control the money should be put towards more and stricter crime prevention. Anyone with an incling of common sense knows that no law can ever prevent criminals from getting any or all the firearms they want. It is a pity but common sense is no longer a common thing. Very sad.

  • This will NEVER… EVER… pass. People in our government have the largest stigmas of all when it comes to firearms. They see ‘big black gun’ and they think ‘weapon’.

    No matter HOW HARD you try, you will NEVER get it through their heads that the AR-15 is no more dangerous than any other semi-auto out there. In fact, since that is one of the arguments the pro-firearms community is using, I wouldn’t be surprised if our ignorant MPs say “Oh really!? Other semi-autos are just as dangerous as the AR-15!? Well we’d better make all of THOSE restricted as well!”

    That’s how our government thinks. You will NEVER change their mind. The hardest door to open is one to a closed mind.

  • Matheson Fraser

    I see no reason for it to be restricted. It is an ethical hunting rifle with a wide range of caliber configurations available. With guns such as the norinco t97, xcr, atr modern hunter, and vz858 being non restricted it doesn’t make sense

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  • Thanks Marc for initiating this, and inviting the Directors of the CCFR to be originating signatories, Bob for staying true to Canadian gun owners and for everyone who signed this. This is a huge step. Petitions have been signed before but left to die and not be presented. It takes a whole community to step up to the plate and get things done. Successful or not, we can all be proud that so many of us stood united for a common goal. Well done my brother!!

  • Bryan

    I would like to sign the petition ,But I will have to take the FAC

  • Robert Bartlett

    I was not aware of petition until today because of an articular about US and Canada. and would of singed.

    • Bryan

      Bryan again, I had an FAC FROM BCin the 1980’s but can’t find it and wonder where I can get a replacement ?? I don’t believe that those who have guns should not surrender them. If we are overtaken by ISIS we will NOT be able to defend ourselves.Seniors need a discount to replace our FAC and buy a gun.
      Thank you

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