Petition e-111 presented in the House of Commons by MP Bob Zimmer


Bob Zimmer, the MP for Prince George-Peace River and parliamentary sponsor to petition e-111, presented the petition today in the House of Commons


Petition e-111 was presented today in the House of Commons by its parliamentary sponsor, conservative MP Bob Zimmer for the riding of Price George-Peace River-Northern Rockies. The petition, which closed after 120 days of accepting signatures, at 25,249 names – the most of any official Government of Canada e-petition to date, by Marc Bennett of Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, calls upon the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to reclassify the Armalite Rifle AR-15 to non-restricted status.

The Government of Canada is now required to table a response to the petition in the House of Commons within 45 days. Those who signed the petition will receive an e-mail to the address they specified when they signed it when the government tables their response.

Below is a video of The Honourable Bob Zimmer presenting the petition in the House, taken from C-SPAN.