Petition to legalize sound moderators launches

petition e-575 sound moderators

A petition to legalize sound moderators in Canada has been launched on the Government of Canada’s e-petition site

A petition to legalize the ownership and use of sound moderators, otherwise known as suppressors or – more colloquially as “silencers” – has been officially launched on the Government of Canada’s e-petitions website.

Petition e-575 calls on the government to permit the ownership and use of sound moderators by licensed Canadian gun owners at both the federal and provincial levels for all lawful hunting and sport shooting activities.

Sound moderators reduce the sound, or report, of a firearm as it is fired. According to current legislation in the Criminal Code of Canada, any “device or contrivance designed or intended to muffle or stop the sound or report of a firearm” is classified as a prohibited device and is illegal for any person in Canada without a permit (of which there are none issued to civilians) to possess, punishable by up to 10 years in federal prison.

A common misconception – rooted in Hollywood depictions, no less – is that the devices completely “silence” the sound of a firearm. However, the reality is the devices often reduce the sound just enough so the person firing the gun does not need to wear often bulky and uncomfortable ear protection while hunting or engaging in sport shooting activities.

Suppressors are not only beneficial to the person shooting, though. It also reduces the amount of noise pollution at gun ranges and popular hunting spots, and even protects the hearing and comfort of both wildlife and pets such as hunting dogs.

According to the petition, sponsored by Conservative MP Brad Trost representing Saskatoon – University, sound moderators are the “only universally recognised health and safety device that has a criminal prohibition in Canada” and that the country is among the minority of G7 nations that does not recognize the health and safety benefits of the devices.

The petition is open for signatures until Jun 17, 2017. The full text of the petition can be read below, or at the e-petitions site here. We strongly urge you to sign the petition.

Petition to the Government of Canada

  • Highly damaging noise levels repeatedly reach the ears of firearm users despite the use of traditional hearing protection;
  • Section 7 of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms recognises an individual’s right to personal health and safety;
  • Sound moderators are the only universally recognised health and safety device that has a criminal prohibition in Canada;
  • As affirmed in Bedford v. Canada at the Supreme Court of Canada, one cannot be prevented from taking reasonable steps to improve personal safety in a hazardous situation;
  • The majority of G7 nations and many others have recognised the health and safety benefits involved, and allow the legal use of sound moderators by hunters and sport shooters;
  • Sound moderators reduce noise pollution and noise complaints in communities with shooting ranges, in rural and farm communities, and in areas used for recreational activities where hunting and target shooting is legal;
  • Sound moderators facilitate significantly increased humane husbandry of game animals, livestock, and pets as hunting companions; and
  • Hearing damage is a significant quality of life and public health issue costing taxpayers millions annually.

We, the undersigned, Citizens and Residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:

1. Take a stand and empower Canadians to be responsible for their own health and safety by removing the prohibition of sound moderators from the Criminal Code of Canada;

2. Allow the legal acquisition, possession, and use of sound moderators on firearms by all licensed firearms users in Canada; and
3. Call upon the provinces and territories to amend provincial and territorial prohibitions and allow the use of sound moderators while engaged in all legal hunting and sport shooting activities.
  • Tango Delta

    Loving this

  • Lawrence Dolha

    Great! However don’t see the fire arm hating Lib. going along with this.

  • Geoffrey Campbell

    Goodall is an ass….he does not care about us …. only takes orders from the dumbasses

  • istopper

    another wonderful e-petition that our Liberal government will throw out. Same as our AR e-petition that hat 25,000 signatures

  • Kelly

    To those who are. Saying this is another useless petition- Have you signed it? It will certainly be ignored if it is not signed… and even if it is ignored at least you had a say (instead of doing nothing). If you have signed it awesome. Get out and share it.. even non gunnies can get behind this if it approached the right way. Think of how much quieter it will be for those close to ranges and during hunting season.

  • Done

  • Bobd06

    Why beat around the bush, just call them assassin enablers.
    They are called suppressors or silencers, not sound moderators.
    You need to be truthful in what you are selling or the detractors will eat your lunch.

    • Jackson Wdowiak

      Sorry but nothing is “Silenced” the sound is merely brought to an acceptable level where hearing protection need not be worn.

      • Bobd06

        Hearing protection is still required except for lighter cartridges like 22LR, 9mm . A shooter firing 223 or 308 should have hearing protection. The suppressor is not going to suppress supersonic very well.

    • JammerMan79

      You get that the don’t silence the gun, right? Real life isn’t like in the movies.
      They simply drop the decibel level below the hearing damage level

      • Bobd06

        Absolutely, subsonic ammo is best.

    • John Kyndesen

      Knowledgeable people may debate the issue. Those with no knowledge will post remarks such as yours.

      • Bobd06

        I’m not the idiot

        • Cal

          Don’t know why everyone’s hating on this guy’s comments. He has a couple valid points. The accepted term is “suppressor” not “moderator” and I have heard it called both…but he makes a good point that when the petition is read it may seem disingenuous to some, that the term “moderator” is used in place of the word “silencer” or “suppressor” which are the more recognizable terms. Anti-gunners may jump on the fact that an alternate label is used and say it’s an effort to slip it past those not paying attention.

          We can all be internet arm chair experts and jam him for saying “silencer” but I believe he was making a point…not being a numbskull. His opening remark was obviously meant to be rhetorical…not literal.

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