Quebec gun registry bill passes in National Assembly

The registry is expected to be operational by 2018 with an estimated cost of $17 million and an estimated annual cost of $5 million.

Quebec has passed Bill 64 with a staggering 99-to-8 vote, with no abstentions, in the National Assembly yesterday. The bill was introduced in December of 2015 and was introduced to replace the federal long gun registry that was abolished by the federal government in 2012 due to significant cost overruns and general ineffectiveness, points that were brought up by various gun lobby groups during rallies in opposition of the bill across Quebec before it was passed.

Under the new legislation all firearms owned by Quebec residents within the province must be registered with a unique serial number, gun stores must create and maintain a chart to track all firearms in their possession, and all sales – including private sales of non-restricted firearms – must be reported to the provincial government. Penalties for non-compliance include seizure of firearms, up to a $5,000 fine for an individual offence, and up to $15,000 for other cases.

Initial estimates peg the cost at $17 million to establish the registry and $5 million annually to maintain it. The registry is expected to be operational by 2018. Gun owners in Quebec will have 12 months from the date the gun registry comes into force to register their firearms.

  • michel joannette

    money that could be spend on health care or education ,well it seem that qwébec got lots of money to spare ….I just hope that people from the country that voted liberals don’t forget that in the next election…..and if the think its only gona cost 17 millions well they are in for a surprise ….

  • Andrew Fowler

    No surprise here. There is no doubt in my mind that the funds to get this up and running will come out of all our pockets in the form of tax transfers to the province of Quebec. I still can’t figure out how twenty-five percent of the population in this country of ours is able to bully the rest of us. I often wonder if we will ever find politicians with enough fortitude to stand up and say the rest of us have had enough. I have lots more to say on this subject but this isn’t the place for it lol. Keep up the good work Brian it is folks like yourself that keep the rest of us informed even if some of the stuffs angers.

    • Brian

      Thank you for the kind words, Andrew.

  • Michael Carman

    What a crock of steaming merde. I am so sick of politicians vilifying responsible Canadian gun owners. Reading this was a punch to the gut.

  • Calamity Marcy

    I just bet gun toting criminals will be anxious to comply…

  • Gib Glofcheskie

    The gun registry did not work in ontario .
    Why would it work in Quebec .
    Another waste of money.

  • Ernst-Udo Peters

    All the parties, the Liberals, the PQ, the CAQ, and Quebec Solidaire voted for this bill. So, the whole lot is responsible. They are able to use the notwithstanding clause to assume federal powers, at least in my mind. Unfortunately, most people seem to accept this act as resonable or at least could not care less.

    Anyhow, just wanted to say that I appreciate the regular updates. Keep up the good work.
    à tantot

  • sinbad

    The billion dollar gun registry didn’t work and Quebec supposedly has a 1/4 of the guns. So then 500 million debt was their contribution to that mess. So now these retards think a provincial one will work and for 17 million at that. good luck enforcing that.
    But our wonderful prime minister “cough” will throw money at these pathetic so call leaders to subsidize their numerous shortfalls at everyone’s expense.
    I think personally think JT ‘s wife has more balls than him.

  • richard vlasaty

    I guess they didn’t learn from the Federal Government’s attempt. Illegal guns will always exist, especially in Quebec where there is a prominent population of bikers and mobsters. Only law abiding citizens will be burdened with these ridiculous registrations and will do nothing for illegal firearms in the hands of criminals. Government trying to control citizens–pure bullshit.

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