Ralph Goodale plans to “increase gun safety and reduce gun violence”

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale writes letter on on 27th anniversary of Polytechnique massacre, is “developing [a] detailed plan” to “increase gun safety and reduce gun violence”


In a letter to Public Safety portfolio employees, Safety Minister Ralph Goodale declared that he and Public Safety Canada are “developing [a] detailed plan needed to deliver on [their] commitments to increase gun safety and reduce gun violence.”

According to the letter, which was made public on Public Safety Canada’s website, part of this plan is to reconstitute a firearms advisory committee that is supposedly to include experts in law enforcement, public health, agriculture, hunting, and recreation.

Of note, however, was also the inclusion of experts from “women’s groups” – something that has been questioned by members the firearms industry who contend that emotion should not be used to undermine facts when determining federal policies and legislation.

It is clear that the current government is intent on fulfilling its election platform on the issue of gun control, but exactly how they plan to achieve their goal remains to be seen.

The announcement comes on the 27th anniversary of the École Polytechnique massacre where 25-year-old Marc Lépine shot and stabbed 14 women and wounded 14 others before taking his own life at the Montréal engineering school in December of 1989.

The event has been used as a regular talking point for many gun control advocacy groups, notably the Coalition for Gun Control lead by outspoken busybody Wendy Cukier, and was a major factor for the ushering in of Bill C-68, more widely known as the Firearms Act, by Jean Chretien’s  Liberal government in 1995 thus defining Canadian gun laws as we know them today.

  • Krispin Gord

    not trudeau government, it was under cretien in 1995

  • How come we don’t hear calls to ban gasoline on the anniversary of the Blue Bird Café fire each year? 37 people were murdered by arsonists at Montreal’s Blue Bird Café in 1972.

  • Tony

    I wish the media would stop using the name “Marc Lépine” and start using his real name, Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi. They use Marc Lepine to be politically correct and divert the attention from the fact that this sick individual killed women in the name of Islam. The problem was never the gun, it was the individual and the cult he followed.

    • Turbenator

      Wow, just searched it. I am pretty surprised to find this out.


    • KJQ

      It’s not quite as black and white as that. He changed his name a few years prior to the shooting from Gharbi to Levine. He was also not a muslim nor did he commit the murders in the name of Islam. That said, his father was a muslim and raised Gharbi with that worldview which de facto considers women less than human. Clearly he embraced that misogyny.

    • Bobd06

      Funny how this is never mentioned.
      It is never the gun, evil resides in the hearts of men and women who will find any means to harm.

  • Geoffrey Campbell

    to reduce gun violence…..just get rid of / arrest the violent sounds simple to me

  • KJQ

    Do you feel like a nail? Here comes the hammer!

  • Edward Dongres

    More Canadians were killed FAR more recently than 1989, in WTC by 18 Muslims. Of all nationalities 3000 deaths in total. What is Ralph Goodale doing about that? It happened shortly after liberals disarmed pilots. So even box cutters would do. Ralph you need education by a real judge. The crime has nothing to do with firearms.