New RCMP bulletin classifies 25 round 10/22 magazines as prohibited

Magazines for the 10/22 rifle that can contain more than 10 rounds are being treated as prohibited, gun stores being instructed to remove them from shelves.


In what seems like an identical situation to the reported prohibition of .50 Beowulf magazines this past winter, the RCMP have allegedly begun to reinterpret existing firearms law and have disseminated internally a bulletin that declares any magazine designed for the Ruger 10/22 rifles to be prohibited devices if they contain more than 10 rounds.

The news broke when the Moncton Fish & Game Association released a notice that their members are to leave the magazines in question at home due to this new interpretation, which can be read below. Calibre Magazine confirmed the story through a series of phone conversations with the Canadian Firearms Program, one of which is also available below.

The popular magazines have already been pulled off the shelves of various big box and small local gun shops at the request of the RCMP, including Cabela’s Canada, though many other retailers have yet to receive any communication and are still selling the magazines until told otherwise.

But not all is gloom and doom. It is still very important to remember a couple of points: one, the law hasn’t changed. No amendments to the Firearms Act or its regulations have been made to reflect this interpretation; and two, the RCMP Firearms Lab is a non-judiciary body and its interpretations of existing laws do not establish new ones.

According to the RCMP this is because of the similarity between the Ruger 10/22 rifles and the Charger pistols the magazines are “inherently designed” to work with the pistols and thus are regulated to a maximum capacity of 10 rounds. The logic of this decision is glaringly poor. Not only were the affected magazines designed and largely in distribution before the Charger pistols were designed, but this decision directly contradicts the RCMP’s own Special Bulletin #72 where it is explicitly stated that “that the maximum permitted capacity of a magazine is determined by the physical characteristics of the firearm it is designed or manufactured for.”

Due to the lack of official public notices of this decision it is recommended by the CSSA for owners of the affected magazines to await further instruction and to not take risks at this time. Our friends at Calibre Magazine are working with firearms advocacy groups like the CSSA to gather more information and to determine a course of action to right this wrong.

“The Moncton fish & Game Association (MFGA) has just learned today, that ALL large capacity magazines (more than 10 rounds) for the Ruger 10/22 are now considered Prohibited Devices under the Firearms Act.

From what we have been told at the moment, these large capacity magazines will fit certain specific handguns (pistols) thereby creating a situation where the pistol capacity now exceeds the 10 round limit on handguns. Individuals, who for an example, have a Butler Creek 25 round magazine for their 10/22 must now have the magazine “pinned” to 10 rounds, leave the magazine at home, or turn it in for destruction by the RCMP.

This does not affect those with Remington rim fire rifles or other manufacturers. Apparently this is unique to the Ruger 10/22.

Our Range Manager has been in contact with the RCMP-CFO and some form of official notification will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. As soon as we get official word we will pass it along. We advise our Association members not to use or destroy the large capacity magazines for their 10/22s until we get the official wording and more technical information from the RCMP-CFO.

The MFGA wants to thank Green Diamond Outfitters for letting us know about this new regulation as they received a visit from the CFO earlier today, and were required to pull some inventory from their shelves in order to not violate the new regulations.

Apparently Cabela’s and Bass Pro were going to be visited by the RCMP as well to review their stock.

We are providing this information as a courtesy in order to ensure people do not run afoul of the law.

Robert Snider
Moncton Fish & Game Association”



  • Dave

    What a bunch of crap. Have there been any mass shootings with 10/22s? Thr RCMP overstepping their authority again…..stupid f$&ks. To think I was one for 35 years.

    • ChigWalla

      Dave, you might want to actually look up the answer to that question before asking it again.

      • Dave

        You want to enlighten me? This magazine has been legal for years in Canada and it seems the RCMP just wish to piss us all off by picking away bit by bit. Someone looking for their next promotion.

        • Dave

          Ok I looked up mass shootings with 10-22s since 1998 and there were 2 in the US and one was drug related. There was also one in Australia. None in Canada and most killers aren’t going to choose a .22. I’m sure Justin Borque had his M305 pinned to 5 rounds when he gunned down my brother officers in New Brunswick.

          The mag restrictions are a joke and only affect the honest firearms holders. The RCMP is a screwed up organization from the top down and since they can’t solve the real crimes, they pick on innocent gun owners who just want to shoot, hunt and have fun. The Liberals under Cretien and Alan Rock screwed up a system that was working perfectly fine and have made it so onerous and complicated that some people are just saying I give up and surrendering their firearms. Just what the brass in the RCMP want.

  • michel joannette

    Our beloved Government have given all the power to the RCMP witch is now becoming a armed tax collectors and legislators……the government have no clue what the RCMP is doing …..and I have lost all confidence in that shifty outfit

  • albert

    one way would be is to change the law so if you are caught with a 25 rd mag in a pistol you are charged and gun seized., as stated this mag was created before the charger pistol came out., Also state on packaging not designed for charger pistol.

  • Lawrence R

    So, how would ordinary, otherwise law-abiding Canadians react if the RCMP suddenly decided on their own that green traffic lights now mean STOP & red lights mean GO?

    “They’d never get away with that!” you say? Well it’s the same thing: arbitrary changing of a law that puts Canadians at risk of fines, jail time and a criminal record that can ruin their lives.

  • Lawrence Dolha

    It’s pretty sad what Canada has become. Our laws aren’t made by elected officials but by unelected anti-Firearms Bureaucrats! Is this the Communist China that Trudeau wanted to emulate.

    • Dave

      Hey Larry how are you? Enjoying retirement? A bulletin is not a law as far as I know and not enforceable. Dave

  • Jimmie

    Unfortunately I think this is start of many more to come ! And I have a few ideas of what will be next to get the this should classed as prohibited in the near future.
    PS I would like to know who voted this government in because everyone I talk to swear it was not them

  • Don Miller

    Its a sad day when we wake up to the fact that we are really a police state. What’s next: removal of the maple leaf from our flag and replace it with a red star and hammer and sickle? Liberals always have a hidden agenda!

    • Brian

      That’s a bit dramatic. All parties, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum, have their own agendas.

  • russ

    The intent of the magazine laws are to prevent people from circumventing the regulations. Countless people used the Beowulf magazines to do exactly that. If your firearm is designed for shooting a particular caliber of cartridge, and you use another magazine to hold more than legally permitted, then you are violating the intention of the law. Your actions put the rest of us law abiding gun owners are risk of our privileges being revoked because you wanted to circumvent the law. It was only a matter of time before this happened. If you don’t like the current laws, then take action to change the laws, not circumvent them. Show that we are legal gun owners and that we respect the law, not flaunt the law.

    • Brian

      Actually the RCMP have explicitly said in the past that magazine’s legal capacity is determined by the firearm it was designed to be used in and not what it can actually be used in by consequence of its design. It is perfectly within the law to use Beowulf or LAR15 magazines in STANAG receiver, just as it is legal to use 9mm cartridges in a 40 cal magazine. In any case this is not exactly relevant to rimfires – nobody is looking to circumvent magazine capacity restriction because rimfire rifles are not subject to them in Canada. The issue here is the arbitrary decision to outlaw the existing magazines in a contradiction to a position they already publicly held.

  • Many men died so we could be free Canadians should remember to be loyal to their fellow man so he can be trusted as he also wants to be trusted so open you’re hearts to each other it’s not the magazine the knife or the axe nor the gun….. it’s the man.behind it

  • J.D.

    Where is the Bulletin to which you refer?

  • Justin sheen

    How is this in any way new? This bulletin has been around for a long time. Why are we rattling the cage over something that hasn’t changed. It’s specifically speaking of the BX25 mag which has been prohibited for years. Butler creek and other custom made 25 round mags are legal and you are free to use them.

    • Brian

      No, they are no longer considered to be legal by the RCMP. That’s the point of this article. All magazines designed for the 10/22 that can contain more than 10 rounds of ammunition are now considered to be prohibited devices. Many retailers, including Cabela’s, have already removed their 25-round Butler Creek magazines and GSG 110-round drum magazines from their stock and from their websites.

    • Dave

      No you can’t they specifically mention the butler creek mag in the bulletin…..

  • John smith

    This new law would make thousands of law abiding Canadians criminals for simply being passionate about recreational sport plinking with a common Ruger10/22 with a magazine capacity over 10 for rimfire cartridges. If we do not take a stand now, we as sport enthusiast will loose our freedom, rights and the pleasure to do anything not deemed appropriate by mainstream society. Very sad day for Canada!!!!eh

  • albert

    Wait until s-223 gets passed and we’ll have no rights., They did this with no notice to be able to seize rifles with over capacity magazines. When is this stupidity going to stop?, When we have no guns or rights?

    • Brian

      No rifles were seized over this (this is about magazines, not the rifles themselves), and S-223 isn’t going to pass.

      • albert

        They would try to seize them if the mags were over capacity, as for s-223, its from what I’ve been told a wait and see when they re-seat from the holiday we pay for……

  • Joe Foster

    Wow. I got the exact same non-clarifying answer, and referral to the firearm specialist that was on the audio recording . Sound to me like the RCMP isn’t really sure what the heck is going on. They’ve got their run-around down pat though!

  • Red Mist

    This would crumble like an empty Horton’s cup if challenged in court. I have had @% round mags for my 10/22 I purchased last century in the 80s and 90s when this law was just a glint in Alan Rock’s eye. Police said they met regs. What’s next – lever, pump and auto loader tube-fed .22s all have over 10 -rd capacity.

    This is a clear case of vexatious regulating and malicious enforcement. Injunction coming up real soon cowboys.

  • Steven P

    Gotta love the RCMP’s “interpretation” of the clearly stated law. I “interpret” the RCMP to be a bunch of jabronies. The whole way they have gone about this clearly shows that they know they are bending the law and are stealthily attempting to get away with it. Dont worry, here in Alberta w still remember their illegal gun grab during the 2013 floods where they even broke into people’s safes with the help of specialized gunsmiths.

    • albert

      how are they not open to legal action or accountability?, Also I never herd they broke into safes and I never seen it in print anywhere so how did they keep it secret?

  • Marcel Amirault

    So how do we as gun owners stand against the Mounties?

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  • Ian Kalyniak

    For me, I have two GSG 110 round magazines and popped a rivet in them to make them 10 rounders, just to be safe.

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