RCMP reclassifies Akdal MKA 1919 to non-restricted

Akdal MKA 1919
Akdal owners, rejoice! The MKA 1919 has been reclassified by the RCMP from restricted to non-restricted, which has some very interesting implications

Edward, from TV-PressPass, announced on his blog that the RCMP have officially reclassified the Akdal MKA 1919 from restricted to non-restricted and is no longer considered to be a variant of the AR-15. He also notes that because the lineage of the firearm could be better traced to the AR10 design, and that because it is now non-restricted, he speculates that welcomed reclassifications of the AR10 platform may be in the works. From the FRT database:

“While the exterior of this model resembles the AR “family,” there is no direct lineage that this is exclusive to the AR15/M16 design. This model design could also easily be linked to the Armalite Division of Fairchild Aircraft AR10 design.”

Very exciting news, indeed, and comes after several other Turkish-made “AR15-style” shotguns classified as non-restricted were announced to hit the market at the end of 2015, such as the Derya, Uzkon, and Torun shotguns.

You can check out Edward play with his Akdal MKA 1919 with a 3-Gun review below.


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  • Kyle

    Always fun to learn something new when I got my license I started with a shotgun and had no idea how many different types tgere were

  • Jordan

    So is this gunna apply to a m4 to be reclassified to a non- restricted

    • Brian

      No. The M4 rifle is a carbine variant of the M16, which is prohibited by name.

  • By their own words, then the Blaze 47 is not of the AK47 “family”.

  • Gary Wolfe

    This is a weapon that should never be in the hands of anyone other than police and soldiers. I am a hunting and shooting enthusiast.

    • Brian

      What about competition shooters? It’s a fantastic 3-Gun shotgun. I think it’s safe to say that most Canadian gun owners don’t share the same sentiment as you.

    • It’s a semi-auto shotgun that can only hold 5 rounds by law just like the Browning A5 tube-loaders that have been at your local skeet range for years, Cosmetics do not make a firearm function any differently.

      • Gary Wolfe

        I’ve hunted in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and BC and was never allowed or needed more than 3 shells in a shotgun. And I’m told you can get larger than 5 she’ll magazine’s for this gun. It should remain restricted.

        • Brian

          Hunting isn’t the only reason people shoot guns. Why shouldn’t I be able to go out with friends to the quarry for the weekend and shoot targets along with the old .22, SKS, or Mauser?

        • Nathan

          People hunt with AR-15s and AR-10s in the US all the time…. because its an excellent firearm. To decide that a firearm that is good at killing humans is somehow not good at killing deer is pretty stupid.

        • mike phillips

          What a comment. There are a ton of semi auto shotguns, all should be prohibited as far as you are concerned? Or is it just black guns in general?

        • Bob D

          Well bravo for you.
          But the problem with people like you is that you see no need for more than 3 rounds so therefore anything more should just be banned. That’s ignorant and just plain selfish. There’s a lot more than hunting going on with guns, plinking, targets, cowboy action, three gun and shooting just for the fun of it. It’s fun!!
          I don’t think any guns should be restricted.
          It’s not the gun, it’s the person.
          Legal gun owners here and in the US are not the problem, criminals are and banning guns does nothing to harm criminals, just law abiding Canadians and Americans.

    • Dave mcleod

      I don’t care if you are a hunting and shooting enthusiast….I am too. A gun is a gun they should all be available to public for bolt, lever, and semi auto. Looks are not the issue… I hate the it looks scary bullshit. As I said a gun is a gun. It’s like me saying you are not allowed in Canada cause you are black and look scary to a person lol remember guns don’t kill people… people kill people…much more deadly guns available to public and sick and tired or this assault rifle bullcrap when all assault rifles are already prohibited and in the arms of the government and military select fire automatic guns. Enough is enough on basing looks as a restricted firearm rather than actions and functionality of the firearm. Ridiculous…

    • Eric

      What about a soldier as a private citizen. Should I be allowed to own one personally?

    • Michael Carman

      @gary wolfe. I imagine everyone here is a hunting and shooting enthusiast. Do you somehow think your opinion carries any more weight than the rest of us? Why should this firearm be restricted? Further to that, why should an AR be restricted? Its magazine holds five rounds which, in itself, is ridiculous. Mr. Wolfe, I mean no disrespect, but you are an anachronism in the Canadian firearms world.

    • sinbad

      Drop on your head. maybe it will wake you up It’s 5 shot semi auto big deal. No worse that thousands of others on the market. For a shooting enthusiast you sure sound like a gun grabbing liberal

    • Ernie Slater

      Well Gary I am neither a hunting or shooting enthusiast so I believe all firearms should only be in the hands of no one but police and soldiers, what do you think about that?

    • Seriously

      A butter knife can be a weapon also, which I might add seems more dangerous statistically speaking then a firearm. Firearms are not weapons, until a person uses as such just like any other object. Talk like that is exactly why we have such a ridiculous amount of laws, you need to change your attitude.

  • Joe

    I thought the rcmp lost the power to reclassify firearms after the Swiss arms B.S :s

    • Ernie Slater

      You can thank Justin for giving the power back to them.

  • brent

    where do i buy

  • Tyler

    For those saying that only police and military should be the only people to own and shoot these types of weapons I have a question; how are police or members of the military morally superior or more responsible than your average Canadian citizen? I don’t care what oath they may swear to, or training they may have access to, it doesn’t make them more or less law abiding than the average citizen.

  • Eli

    The same people that say no to these guns are the same ones say no to immigrants to canada…..when they “look” foriegn……..if they were all a bunch of Irish IRA they wouldn’t care cause they looked like nice folks and what we were used to seeing…..nevermind they were a bunch of murdering misfits!!!! Nevermind that the guns are amidexterious, so easy to personalize and mod to make yours different than maybe anyone else in the country. There is more to shooting guns than hunting and fishing…….how many people would flip their lid if they had to give up their dogs because they were not using them for hunting and fishing or serving some purpose??? Shitsue, chihuaha, etc. Just cause it don’t mean something to you, or doesn’t fit your needs doesn’t make it unecessary for others for other purposes. Shooting is an amazing sport and past time. For a lot of people they don’t even hunt. I haven’t hunted in a few years now, just don’t have the time, but every couple months I gather up a few guns and go to my brothers place with a bunch of different ammo and we pass away an hour or two off his back deck, with all kinds of different makes and models!!!! It’s fun!!!

  • Kevin N

    I purchased a Derya Mk10 the other week(very similar) there is no reason these should be restricted. If I knew these were reclassified I probably would have bought this instead simply for the aftermarket support on them. The MAIN reason AR’s are restricted is because you can convert them to full auto and that is where the fear comes from. Now as to why I can own one anyway but not hunt with it or practice shoot on my 100acear farm makes no sense to me.

    As for looks and killing ability the Benelli MR1(advertised as a personal defence gun and takes AR mags is fine), the T97 (Chinese military) and Tavor (multiple military’s) and fine to own and hunt with. I would also take a step further and tip my hat to Alberta Tactical, making a modular, scary looking, rifle that is pinned differently and can not be changed with AR uppers,lowers or bolt carriers. I this this example alone eliminates that argument of looks matter.

    If there would be a massive back lash or they could go back in time the SKS would 100% be restricted. They now have to live and exept it but using that as a reason M4’s should be NR will never work.

    That’s about 8 cents of my opinion.

  • Dave McLeod

    Kevin N it is a shotgun not a fkin AR military model. No you don’t flick a switch and have an AR-15 as a fully automatic either when civilian designed unless you are a machinist. You cannot just order the fully auto receiver lmao not here or majority of states and if you can just like a suppressor need extreme licensing in the USA. If you know a machinist you can make a mini 14 full auto or even a tube feed 1864 with Winchester. Easiest conversion is for a Glock. One machine peice. Guess what…due to barrel length and optics options I am going to buy one of these specifically for duck hunting…yep duck hunting…and I will excel. It will be lighter, more versatile, pin my clip to 3 rounds and f-yall! Sick of gun owners telling me a hunter, collector and shooter what is bad and what isn’t. An AR variant chambered in 308 is an extremely versatile and modern option that will out perform your great grandfather’s 30-06…or maybe just to make a point my big game gun is a .303 British Lee Enfield mk4 which is a world war 2 combat rifle that is preferred for many hunters to this day. It is to this day still an assault rifle.

    Now for any idiot that says an ar15 should be restricted or banned and classified prohibited your an idiot as a gun owner. What is deadlier a .223 ar varmint or a 338 Lapua Sako?

    Sick and tired of this bullshit of its scary looking let’s ban it! F’You! If anything should be banned it should be the .50 bmg, .338, 300 weatherby…yeah cause these guns can literally shoot passenger planes for the air.

    A gun is an inanimate object and does not kill. The person behind that gun is violence, and only his heart and mind d hold the ability to kill. It can be done with any gun, knife, or tire iron and it cannot be stopped when that person has decided they are using violence to end someone’s life.