Bill S-223 dropped from Order Papers, officially dead

Bill S-223, tabled in the Senate earlier this year that would have heavily restricted firearms ownership in Canada, is officially dead.

The private member’s bill, titled “Strengthening Canadians’ Security and Promoting Hunting and Recreational Shooting Act” and known as S-223,  that sought to introduce sweeping changes to the Criminal Code and Firearms Act that would almost entirely eliminate lawful firearm ownership in Canada has been dropped from the Senate Order Papers on Thursday.

S-223 was introduced in early April by former senator Celine Hervieux-Payette, who reached the age of mandatory retirement just 10 days after the bill’s first reading leaving the bill without a sponsor.

In the Senate a bill cannot be debated on without a sponsor, and has a deadline of 15 sitting days to be debated in the Upper House. After 15 days of no debate, the bill is automatically dropped from the Senate’s Order Papers and can no longer be debated. If the bill’s sponsor wishes to resume debates after being dropped from the Order Papers, they must reintroduce the bill start over again at first reading.

According to the bill’s text the Firearms Act would undergo a massive overhaul to include incredibly draconian restrictions. Such changes include the reclassification of all restricted firearms and non-restricted semi-automatic, centre-fire guns as “circumscribed firearms”; the prohibition of all firearms in Canada except hunting rifles, guns used at shooting clubs, and collectors’ firearms; making only hunting firearms legal to possess anywhere but at a shooting range; limit the transport of “circumscribed firearms” to sanctioned transportation companies; replace registration certificates with “inscription certificates; repeal most of the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act; and prohibit the storage of circumscribed firearms int he homes of licensed gun owners.

Before being introduced as S-223, the bill was originally introduced by Hervieux-Payette in 2015 as Bill S-231 where it also died during second reading.

  • Paul Martin

    This broad is as crazy as hillary clinton!!!!!!!

  • bws001

    That is good news

  • Marcus Provenzano

    Good riddance to that dizzy old broad and her Bill.

  • joeblow

    be nice if she was not getting her pension….

  • Fender_49

    Good riddance! At last commonsense prevailed.

    • The Thinker

      she retired out….. no common sense was used

      • Marc Ferland

        Yes, as no one decided to take this toxic ball and run to touchdown. No senator decided to continue this. So yes, it’s common sense!

  • Dan Mancuso

    That fascist gun-grabber’s bill written and supported by a left-wing, totalitarian, globalist mindset, may have died in the Senate, but that LPC bill, which is a very mild illustration of the LPC’s true agenda concerning our guns and our rights, is merely the beginning. They will be/are going after our guns and our rights!
    The High River Gun Grab and RCMP Commissioner Paulson’s arbitrary overnight criminalization of law abiding firearms owners who owned Swiss Arms and CZ rifles, and now Ruger 10/.22 banana mags, was a testing of the waters by the fascists. We lost.
    Gun control has very little to do with guns and everything to do with control.

  • Cal

    This is good news. However, we must continue to press our MP’s and Ralph Goodale to rescind the 10-22, 25rd mag prohibition and to keep C-42 in force.

    Have you (fellow gun owners) written a letter yet? You should…right now.

    • Mark Miles

      You’re are right, every law abiding firearm license holder still needs to worry. Just because that bill is finished it doesn’t mean the liberals are finished with gun control. Trudeau the younger is anti-gun and his idea of what a panel of firearm experts should be proves it. They plan on continuing to allow the RCMP to make and change firearm laws & classification. I don’t know if writing letters will help but it definitely can’t hurt and wouldn’t you rather at least try and fight than do nothing. I think every if licence holder in this country, all 1.2 million of us came together under one group we’d have a strong voice that couldn’t be ignored.

      • Cal

        Agreed. If only all of us could see beyond our noses. I know gun owners who voted Liberal…they will get what they deserve. I know that Ralph Goodale recently mentioned upcoming changes to our firearms legislation. I would guess that certain parts of this bill will be re-written and re-introduced. Certain aspects of that piece of trash written by the kooky old gal line up with UN initiatives and policy. I see JT courting the UN and can only imagine the nonsense that’s about to rammed down our throats…again. 🙁

        • Mark Miles

          Yes indeed, they will start slowly, testing to see how much opposition there is. Then they’ll try to divide us telling each group, hunters, sport shooters & collectors that have nothing to worry about. Then they’ll hit us hard and it’ll take a new government to even start to undo the restrictions they put in place. I’ve been watching the buy n sell sites, I see guys selling entire collections, more than ever before. It seems many folks have given up already, maybe they’re the smart ones, we’ll see I guess.

          • Cal

            It’s sad that people would opt to sell their personal, private property rather than fight to keep it. That’s just what they want us to do…rollover silently and offer up our guns willingly.

            Have you noticed the ramping up of the mainstream, trash news all about how stolen guns from or straw purchases by legal owners are the big problem in Canada?

            Make no mistake about it…the Liberal propaganda machine is in full swing and they’re softening up the “soft heads” for another round of BS gun control legislation.

            Mark my words……

  • Marc Ferland

    The best way to celebrate? Go and buy a new restricted gun, better if it’s a big bad black gun.

  • Josh Moelke

    Now if only I could carry my conceal carry from the U.S. into Canada. I would visit a whole lot more.