Sig MPX gets approved, classified as restricted


RCMP firearms lab issues FRTs for both pistol and carbine variants of the MPX, both classified as restricted


The Sig Sauer MPX has finally been approved by the RCMP after years in laboratory limbo.

The long awaited firearm is chambered shares many aesthetic similarities with other PDW-style firearms like the H&K MP5, which is prohibited in Canada, and like the other PDWs it is a pistol-calibre rifle and chambered in 9mm. Third-party conversion kits to .357 and .40 S&W exist, but it is unknown if they will be available on the Canadian market; to date there are no first-party conversion kits available. This is likely the closest to the MP5 we Canadians will ever get under current laws.

Functionally, however, the MPX is very similar to an AR15. The design includes a fully-closed and rotating bolt, short-stroke gas piston system, and even an AR15-style charging handle. The upper and lower receivers are also similar to that of the AR15 and even utilize the same style of takedown pins for disassembly.

It’s important to note, however, that the MPX is definitively not a variant of the AR and is restricted only due to its barrel length. Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Let’s put a longer barrel on it and make it non-restricted!” Unfortunately, the longest barrel currently available for the MPX is 16″, just shy of the NR barrel length. I’ll keep hoping for a couple extra inches, though. (That’s what she said).

Along with the carbine comes the MPX-P pistol variant, which is identical to the MPX but lacks the collapsible stock. It has been confirmed by IRunGuns that the carbine magazines will be limited to 5 rounds, as expected, but the pistol magazines will be limited to 10 rounds… Even though they’re the same. Fantastic logic, there.

No firm word on prices have become available, but the going rate south of the border is $2000 USD, so be prepared to pony up a pretty penny (alliterations are awesome).

For a detailed look at the MPX, here’s a review from James over at TFB.TV:

  • Krispin Gord

    uses ar15 barrels?

  • Brian

    Im buying one for sure and just have it rebarreled right away to change it to non restricted. I always thought that they would have been so much more helpful for carrying carbines in the bush if they had made the nonrestricted barrel length 16″ since thats basically the standard carbine length and most come that way… so many barrels converted and wasted for those two extra inches that somehow manage to keep every body safe from the evil yet most law abiding people in Canadian society. Complete lunatics they are so scared of the statistically safest least likelly to commit a crime or a homicide (even less likely than the police) portion of society. Yet are so casual and easy going with the actual criminals. Stupid

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