Sound moderator petition reaches over 7,700 signatures in first month

The petition is the most signed of all active on the Government of Canada website, and the 19th most signed overall.


A petition to legalize the use of sound moderators in Canada has reached over 7,700 signatures in its first month.

Petition E-575, launched on February 17 by Mateusz Magolan of Calgary, Alberta, calls upon the Government of Canada to reclassify suppressors so that lawful gun owners may use them to protect their hearing. According to the petition, the devices are the “only universally recognized health and safety device that [have] a criminal prohibition in Canada”.

The petition also claims that the majority of G7 nations have both recognized the health and safety benefits of suppressors and also permit their legal use by hunters and sport shooters.

Sitting at 7,754 signatures at the time of writing, the petition is officially the most signed of the currently active on the site, and the 19th most signed overall. It is also the second firearms-related petition to reach the status of most signed, the first being Petition E-111 which reached 25,249 signatures and sought to reclassify the AR-15 rifle to non-restricted status.

That petition was tabled in May of last year, less than a months before the mass shooting at the Pulse night club in Florida, and was officially dismissed by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale two months later.

Petition E-575 is open for signatures until June 17, three months after the date it launched, before the final count is confirmed and the petition determined to meet the requirements for tabling in the House of Commons. We highly encourage that you sign the petition, which can be found here.

  • Cal

    I would also encourage every gun owner and person concerned with freedom to sign.

    However, I don’t believe signing will actually get us suppressors to non-restricted status or any other status than the status quo. The only thing this petition will do is send a message to Ottawa that there are voters who don’t agree with their policies and laws.

    I’m dreading what the Liberals next moves will be with the Firearms Act and the CFP.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, if there are (and I know there are) gun owners who voted Liberal in this last election…you need to turn your firearms over to a more deserving person and go hang your head in shame. You suck.