Spruce Grove Gun Club denied appeal by Alberta Court of Appeal

Another hard hit to the Spruce Grove Gun Club, but they haven’t given up fighting just yet.



The Alberta Court of Appeals today denied to hear an appeal by the Spruce Grove Gun Club. The club was ordered to be closed by the Parkland County Subdivision Development Appeal Board during the fall of last year after some residents complained about noise and potential hazards such as stray bullets after they had been operating at the same location for almost 50 years.

The decision came as no surprise to club president, Rob Hall.¬†“We’re disappointed, but we always knew it’s difficult to appeal decisions made at the county level,” he said in a news release. “The rules make it hard to overturn these types of decisions.”

“The county decided it was okay to develop residential homes within hearing proximity of the shooting range and our neighbours bought their homes knowing the range was there,” Hall said.

But the fight isn’t over. Hall says the club will be considering all of its legal options to either have the range re-opened or have the county pay for a new range..