Our top 5 gun clones for the budget-minded shooter

Want the good stuff but just can’t justify the cost? We’ve got you covered! In this list we go over our top 5 gun clones for the budget-minded shooter

5. Dominion Arms 1887 (Winchester Model 1887)


Also known as the T2, for the famous scene in Terminator 2 where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator rode down the streets and dry river bed of Los Angeles on a motor bike while spin-cocking an 1887 with one hand, this shotgun was produced in China and is sold under the Dominion Arms moniker  – basically a Canada Ammo house brand for Norinco firearms.

By most accounts it’s not exactly the best firearm in terms of build quality or function, but it’s still a fun novelty. Chambered for 2-3/4″ shells and with a cut-down 17.5″ barrel and non-restricted status, and a $400 this one is sure to please Terminator fans… just leave the spin-cocking to Skynet machines.

  • Bobd06

    I have heard and read the Norinco 1911 clones are good too.

  • Garth Woodward

    I have 2 clones dominion arms 1911 and norinco 1911 ( commander ) model needed a bit of cleaning with emory cloth but works great the dominion i paid about $450 which included 500 rds of 45 cal and just under $400 for the norinco both 45 cal cheap but do the job

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