Torun M12 semi-automatic shotgun classified as non-restricted

Torun M12
Christmas really is coming early… Another semi-automatic shotgun hits Canadian market with non-restricted status! Here comes the Torun M12…


Just yesterday we wrote about the Uzkon BR99 receiving non-restricted status, and today we’ve gotten word about a second Turkish semi-automatic AR-15 style shotgun making its way onto the non-restricted market. The Torun M12 was revealed on the CanadianGunNutz forum by Corwin Arms, who is importing the firearm, but so far details are mostly lacking. What we can tell you is that it shoots 12 gauge,  and two 5-round magazines and will be priced at just under $600 CAD.

From the supplied photo we can see that it’s an AR-15 style shotgun and comes with an adjustable polymer stock, full-length rail along the top and smaller rails on the bottom and (presumably) both sides. Topping it off is a removable A2 style carry handle with rear sight, removable A2 style front sight post, an A2 style flash hider, and swivel swing mounts.

No date of availability has been announced yet but, per Corwin Arms, it will be coming along soon.


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