Type 81 production delayed, limited numbers to be manufactured

Type 81 delayed

Production of Type 81 rifles pushed back and restricted in numbers by military contracts

The highly anticipated production run of the Type 81 for the Canadian market has been delayed by high-priority Chinese government contracts, says Tactical Imports.

According to an e-mail sent to customers who preordered the rifle, Tactical Imports has received news from Poly Technologies – the Chinese defense manufacturing company responsible for fulfilling the order – and has learned that the rifle was seldom produced and was never scheduled to be manufactured last year due to low demand.

A 30,000-unit government order for the rifle meant that production is scheduled to begin in July, however, and Tactical Imports’ order is “at the top of the list”.

In addition to the Type 81 government contract, the Chinese military is also replacing its service rifle with an “unnamed modular rifle” and the factory is expected to produce only that rifle until the order is complete. According to the e-mail, this means that the Type 81 production run could be the only for the next 3 years – or more.

The Type 81 was announced to be imported last year after it had been given a non-restricted classification, and was originally given a price of $999 CAD.

In addition to a spare magazine and a sling for each order, Tactical Imports will be offering $50 of store credit to everyone who preordered prior to February 20, 2017. They will also be offering full refunds to those who wish to cancel.

The full e-mail can be read below (click to enlarge):