Type-81 rifles pass inspection, to hit the market in September

Tactical Imports has provided a much-desired update on the much-anticipated Type-81 rifles, and it’s good news all around

Tactical Imports has announced, via their Facebook page, that the Type-81s are on their way.

According to the post the rifles have passed inspection. Notes of the inspection were also shared, including 30 guns selected at random with no aesthetic problems identified, no stoppages after 450 rounds through the rifles, and that the production adhered to Canadian standards without deviation.

The post did, however, note that some mistakes with the finish of the wood furniture had been made, but went on to say that all affected guns would ship with additional (and corrected) furniture in the box at no extra cost.

Tactical Imports continued, stating that the export is already booked and delivery is on schedule – later clarifying in the comments that rifles are expected to arrive in Canada in 6-8 weeks (end of September).

Are you excited for the arrival of the Type-81s? We certainly are.