Type 81 makes appearance at Toronto Sportsman Show

Norinco Type 81
The Chinese Type 81 was on display at the Toronto Sportsman Show this week. Price, date of availability, and preorder announced.


Tactical Imports had their Type 81 sample on display at the Toronto Sportsman Show this week along with some more information about its availability this year. The estimated price will be $999 CAD which puts it in competition both in style and in price with the CZ858 and Vz58 rifles. Although not unexpected, it is a bit high for a Norinco firearm and many shooters may opt for a proven Swiss Arms or Czech platform instead. While no firm date of availability has been announced, it is expected to makes it way into shops in Q3 of this year. Tactical Imports will also be holding a preorder sale on Monday, March 21.

The Type 81 is a gas-operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle that fires the 7.62×39 cartridge and was developed by the Chinese military as a replacement for their Type 56 (licensed production of the AK47). It was designed to have a longer service life with higher accuracy and improved durability. It features a chrome-lined barrel and short-stroke gas piston system with a two-position regulator. It also features a last round bolt hold open and open sights marked for 100 to 500 meters. They will come with two 5-round magazines with a choice of fixed or folding stock and are also expected to come in both non-restricted and restricted (barrel length) versions.

Check out YouTube user Matt Capranos’ hands-on video at the 2016 Sportsman Show below: