Uzkon BR99 semi-automatic shotgun classified as non-restricted

BR99 CL1
The CL1 model of the Uzkon BR99 semi-automatic shotgun
A new semi-automatic, box mag-fed, AR-15 style shotgun has hit the non-restricted market… The Uzkon BR99 is looking great!

 Christmas has come early! According to Trigger Wholesale they have just received word this morning that their Uzkon BR99 semi-automatic shotguns were classified by the RCMP as non-restricted. This is great news, especially being the second “black” firearm being placed on the FRT as non-restricted in just as many weeks after the announcement of the Modern Varmint! And like I said in that article, I will never complain about seeing more non-restricted, semi-automatic black guns.

The Turkish shotgun from Uzkon International Arms, which comes in 9 different flavours, is all sorts of tacticool goodness. They all come with with a removable A2-style carry handle with rear sight, a removable A2-style fibre optic front sight, a breaching flash hider, 5 screw-in chokes (full, improved modified, modified, improved cylinder, and skeet) along with an accompanying choke wrench, two 5-round magazines, and it shoots 12GA 3″ Magnum shells out of a 20″ chrome-lined barrel (except for the CL3, which has a 24″ barrel).

Some models feature an M4-style adjustable polymer stock, a few of which with a place in the stock to store extra shells, and a full-length Picatinny rail. Under the barrel is another short length of rail for the attachment of your desire.

BR99 CL5
The CL5 model of the BR99 semi-automatic shotgun

Trigger Wholesale stated on their Facebook page that the Uzkon BR99 models start at MSRP $800 and go up to around MSRP $875, which is really quite affordable. Not only do they have some in stock right now but they will have another 200 on the way, so get yours before they’re gone!


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