Another blog about guns?! Well… Yeah. But this one is a little different. Let me tell you why…

 With the election of a Liberal government that is historically known for being somewhat “anti-gun” there has obviously been a lot of uproar by much of the firearms community that is, by and large, right-wing. Some of Canada’s largest firearm-related publications and advocacy groups have gone as far as to publish fear-mongering material suggesting that the first thing Prime Minister Trudeau and his party intend to do upon taking office is to come break down your door and take all your guns away from you – something the Molon Labe, Don’t Tread On Me, and No Compromise types are eating right up and getting unnecessarily riled over. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t discount the possibility that it could happen if guns were thrust into the spotlight after some nutjob stops taking their medication, but I just don’t think it’s as imminent as some (*cough*NFA and CSSA*cough*) would have you believe. The kind of commentary they’re publishing is doing the community a disservice by not only making everyone else look bad but it makes it so much harder for non-gun owners – including the politicians – to take us seriously.

So instead of fear mongering or encouraging unfortunate boating accidents what we firearms discussion that is free of political biases, sensationalism, and in some cases straight up lies. For that reason, I decided to start the No-Nonsense Canadian Firearms Blog – a factual, nonpartisan source of news and information for Canadian firearms owners owners and enthusiasts.