Winchester issues XPR safety notice and recall

Winchester XPR safety notice and recall
In case you missed it, Winchester has issued a safety notice and immediate recall for all XPR rifles

On October 19 Winchester issued a safety notice and recall for all XPR rifles. The reason being is that the firearm may discharge when the safety is manipulated. We are publishing this article to remind XPR owners of the issue.

In our continual product testing, we have learned of an issue that is important to the safety of all XPR owners. It has come to our attention that a manipulation of the safety switch may cause movement in the trigger system that could result in unintended firing of certain XPR rifles.

In order to exercise an abundance of caution on behalf of all XPR owners, we have decided to replace certain trigger group parts at no charge. This will require that all XPR rifles are sent to our service facility for a retrofit. We respectfully require all owners to return their rifles for the retrofit.

All of us at Winchester Repeating Arms understand how inconvenient this is. We are aware that hunting seasons are open all across the country. But, in our commitment to safety, we request that you follow the details provided in coming days on how to return your rifle for retrofit. In no way does the retrofit of your XPR affect its inherent accuracy, durability, handling ease or overall performance.

Winchester XPR safety notice and recall

Winchester issued the following safety tips in addition to the recall notice:

  • In the interest of safety, do not load or shoot any XPR rifle until it has been returned to our service center and received the retrofit.
  • Never attempt to repetitively manipulate the safety lever or button of any firearm.
  • Unfortunately, failing to return any XPR rifle(s) for retrofit may create a risk of harm, including serious personal injury or death to you and others.
  • It goes without saying; never point any firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot.

If you or anyone you know owns an XPR, you are urged to contact Winchester to have your firearm retrofitted with the upgraded trigger parts by emailing them at or by calling their toll-free number at 1-800-727-4312.