MP Zimmer expresses concern over 10/22 magazine decision

Zimmer wrote to RMCP Commissioner Bob Paulson to not only express his concerns but to reverse the 10/22 magazine decision he calls bureaucratic and errant


Bob Zimmer, MP for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies and vocal proponent of the firearms community in the House of Commons, has written to the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Bob Paulson, to not only express his concern for the recent decision by the RCMP to prohibit Ruger 10/22 magazines with capacities greater than 10 rounds but also to reverse the decision.

According to Zimmer the decision is “errant” and “has done nothing to promote public safety, and has only created fear and uncertainty within the law-abiding firearms community” – something many, if not most, members of that community have expressed since the RCMP began circulating internal documents declaring the magazines as prohibited.

In his letter to Commission Paulson he states that not only has he heard from many constituents who expressed concerned about how the “bureaucratic decision” being made without public notice will make many law-abiding firearms owners unknowingly criminals, and stated that the magazines in question “are clearly designed for the Ruger 10/22 rifle, and are therefore exempt” from capacity restrictions.

Zimmer goes on to explain that the decision contradicts the Criminal Code’s Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and Other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited, Restricted or Non-Restricted, which states that “any cartridge magazine that was originally designed or manufactured for use in a firearm that is chambered for, or designed to use, rimfire cartridges” is exempt from any capacity regulation.

The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Ralph Goodale, was also included as a recipient in the letter to Commissioner Paulson. The full text of the letter is available below.

MP Bob Zimmer’s letter to RCMP Commissioner Paulson (PDF)

  • Bryan

    So this is hard for me to understand .Why cant you take the 2 fives and tape them together end to end or weld them ?? Then you have 10 anyway. I dont own guns or want any.

    • Brian

      The issue is that magazines for rimfire cartridges are, under the Firearms Act and its regulations, not regulated items. The RCMP decided that, because this could, in practice, be used in a particular pistol (of which there are less than 350 in all of Canada) that it is now “dual use” and must be limited to 10 rounds. As noted in the article, this contradicts the Regulations and it also contradicts Special Bulletin #72 that explicitly states that magazine limits are determined by what the magazines are designed to be used in and not what they might actually be used in.

      • greg

        Dispite that Pistol being “Pistol Adaptation of a Rifle” they’re for Not having any mags of its own at all. They may claim the tech 22 Pistol BUT yeah issue it specificly Says it uses a 1022 rifle magazine which means NO mags of its own any claim like this IS Effectively One set of rules for one gun and a differant set for another on the same issues.

        If they wanna play this game i am gonna import a bunch of After market 100 Round Remington 1615 Magazines Cause well They’re clearly Pump action rifle mags cause they exist fit in a pump action

    • Len

      The issue is simple. They’ve been in the hands of law abiding Canadians for years. There are most likely more than 100,000 legally purchased magazines. Some estimates are much higher. They are not a threat. There are only about 450 of the handguns that these will fit in and those are the reason the RCMP has made this determination. For people who are not interested in guns, the question is often “Why”. The answer is simple. “Why not”. In this case, the answer to why not that the RCMP have given is not backed by law. They are meant to uphold the law, not write it.

  • scott campbell

    well done Zimmer

  • Travis Sullivan

    Its aggravating that these types of decisions can be made, at whim, without public consoltation or lack of any evidence that public safety is at risk, change an interuptritation that automatically makes thousands of Canadian citizens criminals overnight. This is how a dictatorship works, not a democracy, and is in no way any benefit to anyone except the party in powers disarmament agenda.. Its already illegal to use a magazine in a pistol in excess of 10 cartridges. Its also already illegal to drink and drive. Here we are making magazines prohibited because they may fit a certain handgun, but we don’t ban alcohol because it may lead to a driving infraction. This is absurb on every level.

  • Michael Carman

    So, responsible Canadian firearms owners take it in the gonads, once again. Who elected the RCMP? Why do they even get to decide this? What justification do they have? And how is this going to make anyone safer? It won’t. I have great gratitude to Bob Zimmer for standing up for Canadian firearms owners AND common sense.

    Then, there is this; a Japanese man just killed 19 people with a knife and put 20 others in the hospital, some critical. That was ONE man with a knife. Where is the wailing and gnashing of teeth for knives to be banned? Of course, there is none. This will just quietly slide into history without a peep.

    I ask firearms owners reading this to write their member of parliament and voice their opposition to this idiotic change to the law. Stand up for yourself and the rest of the Canadian firearms community.

    • Chris P

      While I do agree with you – the Japanese man DID in fact go into a home for elderly enfeebled people, killing those who were bed-ridden and unable to do much more than stare at the ceiling in a vegetative state.

      • Homer

        Dead is dead. What does it matter who he killed? He could have went into a kindergarten and killed children with a knife.
        The media only wants to portray guns as evil killing devices because that generates the most profit for them.

  • Michael Carman

    @Chris P We don’t know the condition of those murdered. The vast majority of disabled people are not in a vegetative state. But, even going with your premise, there is this. These people weren’t helpless. From April of 2014…

  • Thomas

    This is just more crap being slung around.Anyone actually think people will listen to this crap?So what now, send letters to every Canadian saying they might have a prohibitted 10/22 mag in their possesion? You can still buy them, if they were prohibitted , would they not be removed from store shelves?The RCMP have no idea, to just randomly prohibit things.Why not remove the so called 350 guns they claim exist? Propeganda at its highest level.

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